Quick loading of scaffolding features

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 17:43

Scaffolding is a living tool. Newly developed multi-purpose aluminum alloy scaffold, using a single rod aluminum tube, no height limit, more flexible than scaffolding, change how fast scaffold features:

1. Unique design, no welding:

The connector design of the fast mounting scaffold changes the existing welding fixing method, changes the strong transmission mode of the existing metal frame, and makes the tower more solid. At the same time, the single rod design can make you more flexible, easier, and safer!

2. Light weight:

Lightweight and strong aluminum alloy material, light and easy to install, handle and store. The quickload scaffold weighs only a third of the weight of a traditional steel scaffold, and there is no need to worry about pressing down on the floor.

3. Structural safety and stability:

Parts connection strength, stability, support mechanism design science, the overall structure is safe and strong. Internal expansion external pressure type new cold table process, fast loading scaffold frame node failure tension is 4100-4400 kg, much larger than 2100 kg allowable detachment, 12 meters high double width lathe load is 500 kg. Each layer of working platform plate supports an average of 200 kg /M2, and the whole aluminum alloy internal decorative bracket can bear the weight of 1 ton.

4. Construction and disassembly are simple and fast.

The whole structure adopts the combination design of "building blocks", the parts are standardized, and there is no product. Quick scaffold installation does not require any installation tools, two people can quickly complete the construction of a simple work platform.

5. Easy movement:

Quick-mount scaffolders are equipped with high-strength band brake wheels that can be freely moved and locked for continuous use in multiple workplaces.

6. Freedom to work:

Anti-slip and waterproof working platform, working height is randomly constructed, equipped with Cao sign feet, quick loading scaffold height can be adjusted at will, suitable for normal work on the uneven ground.

7. Adaptability:

Free to adjust leg height for use on stairs, staircases and difficult terrain. Use polyurethane casters on marble, wood floor and lawn and other ground damage; The fast springboard can be used in the narrow space of access, construction, work, etc. The scaffold in the infield has various combinations and beautiful appearance.

8. Build flexible combinations:

Quick-mount scaffolding can be specially designed and manufactured according to the working requirements of various terrain environments.

9. Corrosion resistant, no maintenance required:

All parts of the scaffolding are treated with special anti-oxidation treatment, no rust, chemical corrosion resistance, high product life.

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