Aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 17:43

Aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold refers to can be quickly assembled and disassembled aluminum alloy scaffold. In addition to the load-bearing capacity of the entire scaffold of 1000kg, you can also choose different sizes and specifications of the scaffold according to the different range of use. Its main advantages are as follows:

Welding free design
The design of the non-welded connection gusset never drops ensures that the connector never tilts or loosens. The unique design of the joint can effectively prevent the connector from falling, completely avoid the traditional welding method, become a new generation of low-carbon environmental protection products. The load on the horizontal and diagonal bars is immediately transferred to the gusset, rather than acting directly on the vertical bars. The strong gusset greatly enhances the support of the aluminum scaffold and prevents any damage to the vertical bars at the joints from external impacts.

Universal design
Aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold all-round multi-direction design of the unique connection system all-round multi-direction design can provide a complete range of functions. It is used in geometric construction projects with more complex structures to highlight its rapid construction function, improve work efficiency and reduce engineering costs.

Light weight parts
Lightweight aluminum components help build aluminum scaffolding quickly and save labor costs. All parts of the single-tube aluminum scaffold are made of lightweight aluminum alloy, which is only one-third the weight of traditional steel scaffolding. Completely get rid of the trouble of overweight scaffolding, easy to build, move, transport, storage and storage, thereby improving work efficiency, saving time and reducing costs.

Quick installation and removal, one person can
Aluminum alloy scaffolders are commonly used in subway and railway projects. It operates on irregular walls and forms different frame sizes and shapes. The weight is much lighter than the steel pipe scaffold, which reduces the difficulty of disassembly and improves the efficiency of operation.


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