Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturers direct sales: mobile fast loading scaffolding in the use of security risks

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2022-11-03 17:46

With the rapid increase of safety control and labor costs, mobile scaffolding is booming in the construction market. Because aluminum alloy scaffolding belongs to foreign products, there are no domestic standards, so the market is also a lot of miscellaneous products, each aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturers have their own debate, each aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturers say their own home safety, each aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturers say their home market share is large.

In the face of this situation, especially containing safety factors, so in use, mobile fast loading scaffold safety hazards where?

There is no doubt that the safety risks are hidden problems in the use of mobile scaffolding, mobile to prevent the tipping of scaffolding!!

Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturers direct sales: the following reasons may lead to aluminum alloy scaffolding dumping

The surface of the ground was not level enough to use leveling devices.

The casters are not locked, or the casters swing, causing slight shaking at the bottom and leading to violent shaking at the top, resulting in an accident.

The inclined support is not tightened, and the contact with the ground is not tight, so there will be slight slip and stress instability under the action of external force. Therefore, the use of high quality aluminum scaffolding is safer.

When working on the top of the building, side forces occurred that exceeded the safety limits, causing the scaffolding to become unstable.

In the process of moving aluminum alloy scaffolding, did not pay attention to the two wheels before the start of the block, or quickly installed scaffolding above the steel beam, wire and other buildings block, mobile scaffolding in the process of emergency stop, resulting in inertia dumping.

Not in accordance with the requirements, to prevent the "wind" time factor, in recent years, aluminum alloy scaffolding was blown down phenomenon has occurred many times.

The responsibility of safety management is heavier than Mount Tai. Every user should carefully study and learn the method of using technology products and the safety work specifications. Put an end to accidents!


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