Aluminum alloy scaffold price: mobile fast loading scaffold in the construction industry application

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2022-11-03 17:46

Mobile fast loading scaffold has been an indispensable equipment in the construction, in the long history, steel material has been the main material of scaffolding, this kind of scaffolding due to the weight, after long-term use, the inner wall of the steel pipe scaffold rust quickly, and the load is greatly reduced after rust.

With the development of industry, aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold has become the mainstream, which manufacturers they produce with excellent scaffolding structure, standard design, the use of aluminum alloy manufacturing, light weight mobile fast loading scaffold advantage, favored by all kinds of construction companies.

Mobile fast loading scaffold, also known as structural welding type aluminum alloy scaffolding, portal aluminum alloy as scaffolding, mobile aluminum alloy and scaffolding, aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold, aluminum alloy can be mobile network platform, activities for aluminum alloy scaffolding, etc.

At present, the common mobile fast loading scaffolding is mainly single wide aluminum fast loading scaffold, double wide aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold two types,

Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturers as an example, the products are strictly in accordance with the development standards of different industries and production technology manufacturing, the use of welding and riveting production and processing technology, product specifications are complete, its advantages are as follows:

Is my company research and development design of a general aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold. Can be used in many high-altitude construction sites and any complex engineering environment.

Aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold is made of 6061-t6 aluminum alloy with light weight and high strength. Not easy to corrosion, not easy to aging, not easy to deformation, strong and durable, high strength, good bearing capacity, easy to operate, light weight, easy to install, carry and store.

Strong and stable connecting parts, support mechanism scientific design, safe and reliable overall structure. The work platform carries a capacity of up to 200 kg/m (using aluminum alloy or high density plywood material for pedals).

Equipped with a good gate caster, with a lifting adjustment rod, can be arbitrarily moved, locked and adjusted economic height, so that in the stairs, lawn and smooth floor to carry out a number of countries different student homework time and place can be used continuously.

In the long term, the mobile fast loading scaffold can be sufficiently secure even if the height is over 20 meters, as it will attach to the frame for 13 meters. Use 6061-T6 aluminum alloy light weight strong and durable, easy to corrosion, and not easy to aging, easy to deformation, durable, high strength, good bearing capacity, easy operation, light weight, easy installation, handling and storage.

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