Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturers direct sales: why aluminum alloy fast installation frame is so popular

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2022-11-03 17:47

Aluminum alloy scaffolding is commonly used in the market aluminum scaffolding. Because of its simple and convenient connection, it is widely used in outdoor advertising and decoration.

Aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold products flexible. As well as being used on their own, they can also be used as large structural supports on construction sites. Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold load can reach 900kg, can also be specially designed and produced according to customer requirements, and equipped with different accessories, to meet the actual needs of users.

Aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold is a kind of use of rack and pinion gear drive scaffolding work platform lift smooth, safe and reliable large construction equipment. Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold platform can be placed in any position on the horizontal line, the operator can be installed according to the actual needs. Comfortable posture when working at high altitude. This kind of humanized design greatly improves the working efficiency of the operator and reduces the labor intensity of the operator; Anti fall, anti toppling, height limit stroke automatic control, automatic leveling control, etc. Safety insurance design to ensure the installation and user safety; Materials and tools can be transported without the need for other construction equipment, reducing the stress of vertical transportation in engineering construction.

The structure of aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold is mainly divided into:

It is mainly composed of main frame, horizontal frame, diagonal brace, scaffolding, adjustable base and so on. A cross-bar (also known as a diagonal bar) is an efficient mobile quick-mount scaffold, a cross-bar that will connect two masts lengthwise. The flat parts at each end of the rod are perforated with pin holes, which are securely locked by the locking pins on the mast during assembly. Casters Surface treatment: Also known as ground wheels, can be mounted on the lower part of a movable scaffold to form a movable scaffold. Engineering site, exterior wall renovation, building decoration, hotel aerial work, factory aerial cleaning, paint spray. Equipment maintenance. Advertising production mobile work platform. Casters are 6 inches, with brake, easy to use, flexible movement, safe and reliable.


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