Aluminum alloy scaffold manufacturer: disc buckle scaffold construction methods and technical measures

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 17:50

Coil scaffolds have many uses and are widely used in construction. In addition to being used as general internal and external mobile brackets and support frames, it can also be used as support columns, material lifting frames, cantilever brackets and climbing brackets. In addition, as the button of the scaffold application promotion and on the properties of the deep understanding, our country constantly develop new USES, such as building platform, protective shed, building shed, material shed and early construction, and enhance the mobile scaffolding, etc., its application domain involves construction, railway, metallurgy, coal, water conservancy, electric power, chemical industry, etc, and has a tendency to expand.

Construction methods and technical measures of disc buckle scaffold

1. Layout of the office building. Because of the fan-shaped plan of the building and the small radius of the bend, it was necessary to place the external coil scaffolding in the bend. It is calculated that the outer arc bracket is composed of three nodes, while the inner arc bracket is composed of four to five nodes and several dotted lines. The vertical distance between the vertical rods is 1.2-1.5m, the horizontal distance is 1.2m, and the distance between the internal vertical rods and the wall is 0.30-0.50m. It is necessary to determine the layout of the disc buckle scaffold according to the construction conditions to ensure the normal construction.

2. The height of the coil buckle scaffold is arranged vertically. The height of the coil buckle scaffold is 1.8m and there are 42 steps along the whole height. To ensure security, the uninstallation is divided into three parts. Select floors 15 and 28 (stepped frame) as the unloading layer and set up hanging tie points on the side beam fans at floors 8 and 16 respectively. The control mode of mobile scaffolding shall be determined according to the specific conditions of construction, so as to ensure the normal and orderly construction.

3. The unloading pull rod is arranged on the suspension unloading layer, and each intersection point between the vertical rod and the horizontal rod is the "suspension point". In order to balance the horizontal thrust of the suspended layer, horizontal rods are added to the unloading layer, the top of which is tightly attached to the wall structure, and Angle steel is embedded in the corresponding position of the upper floor. When the concrete strength reaches 20MPa, install the unloading rod. With a diameter of 16 round steel in the upper part and 20 turnbuckle in the middle, the lower part of the pull rod is fixed under the lower bowl buckle of the vertical rod of the unloading layer with 1/2 "wire rope.


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