Electrical industry emerging materials cast glass fiber insulation scaffolding

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 17:50

Any industry development is inseparable from the innovation, in the 90 s, the use of scaffolding is mainly some steel tube scaffold, evolution to the present, continuous innovation, a new fiberglass insulation scaffolding, such scaffold with good insulation, and very light, on the installation and disassembly can save a lot of kung fu.

As a new type of green composite pipe, glass fiber insulated scaffold has both the chemical properties of plastic pipe and the physical and mechanical properties of metal pipe. Its properties can be designed according to working conditions, and its properties can be ever-changing and easily accessible. Compared with traditional pipe, glass fiber insulated scaffold generally has many advantages: Can design evolution performance is good, good insulation performance, lightweight quality, safety and reliability.

Yida glass fiber insulation scaffold custom manufacturer insulation climbing table made of glass fiber material, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, non-conductive, no spark, easy to use, high mechanical strength, excellent insulation performance. Suitable for a variety of live construction sites and high altitude live work, such as oil refinery, computer room, chemical plant, aviation, power station, railway, environmental maintenance, gas industry, exhibition hall and so on. It is easy to build and disassemble. It is recommended for Guangzhou Yida Company to use unique patent mobile glass fiber insulated scaffold tower. Different from most manufacturers of insulation scaffold, YIDA mobile glass fiber insulated scaffold is equipped with unique design patent of anti-fall. This unique design completely eliminates the loose problem caused by the traditional connection method using unreliable adhesives, and completely avoids the falling off of the connection fasteners, thus ensuring the highest safety and strongest structure of the accessible glass fiber insulated scaffold in the insulation scaffold industry.


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