Where is the advantage of aluminum alloy scaffold compared with steel pipe scaffold?

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 17:49

Aluminum alloy scaffolding design advanced, unique technology, easy to build and disassemble. It is suitable for power generation, power supply, civil aviation, ships, hotels, industrial and mining enterprises, large places, decoration and cleaning industries. Each tower work platform of the aluminum alloy scaffold can withstand a load of 270-600 kg.

Aluminum alloy scaffolding features:

1. Light weight, aluminum alloy material is light and strong, aluminum alloy scaffolding components are light, easy to install, transport and storage.

2. Strong bearing capacity, each tower working platform can bear 272-600 kg load.

3. Construction and disassembly are simple and quick. Two workers can build a 20-meter-high platform in a short time without any installation tools.

4. Easy to move. Equipped with high strength casters with brakes, you can move and lock freely. Aluminum alloy scaffolding is convenient for continuous use in many different working positions.

5 Applicability strong leg height can be freely adjusted, can be used according to the steps, stairs and complex terrain.

6. Corrosion and maintenance free. All parts are specially treated for oxidation resistance. The joint is a solid casting with high precision. The service life of aluminum alloy scaffold products can reach more than 30 years.

Steel pipe scaffold features:

1. The load varies greatly;

2. The joints connected by the fastener are semi-rigid, and the stiffness of the joints is related to the quality of the fastener and the installation quality, and the performance of the joints varies greatly;

3. There are initial defects in the structure and components of the scaffold, such as initial bending and corrosion of the rods, installation size errors and load eccentricity.

4. The constraints of the connection points to the walls vary greatly.


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