Clasp scaffolding growing in popularity?

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 17:06

Why is clasp scaffolding so popular?

Clasp SCAFFOLD is widely USED IN building, bridge, tunnel, large span building, all kinds of water conservancy project hull repair, etc. It has reliable mechanical strength and self-locking function, and assembly is fast, labor-saving, avoids the medium bolt homework and scattered fasteners, reduces the labor intensity, the speed is more than 5 times of the conventional scaffolding, can be easily assembled into a variety of load scaffolds and a variety of support bearing frame structure is stable and reliable, so the coil scaffold is good to use? How about the quality?



1. Welding: the coil buckle scaffold uses advanced automatic welding equipment, no leakage welding, false welding, false welding.

2. Hot dip galvanized: galvanized link is strict, no leakage phenomenon, improve the overall corrosion resistance and physical corrosion resistance of the product, compared with the general product life increased by 20%

3. Accessories: All accessories, such as discs, cast steel heads, pipes and bolts, are tested according to AQL parameters.

4, adjustable base: the tray buckle scaffold can adjust the base, the use of the adjustable system design, the ground to adapt to the work ability. Bolt high strength, easy to adjust the development level in time.

5. Connecting rod: Connecting rod is designed to connect the upper and lower components to maintain the force average of the vertical rod and system stability.

6, buckle scaffold widely used: mainly used in: residential construction, bridge, road, subway, reservoir, tunnel, supporting industries.

7, easy to use: less basic structural components, easy to install, not easy to lose, save money.

Finally, the coil scaffold is connected with model bolts to form a geometric invariant system with strong bearing capacity and easy disassembly, which is welcomed by all walks of life.

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