Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer: aluminum alloy scaffolding how to store

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 17:05

Aluminum alloy scaffolding is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration, shopping mall billboards, Bridges, construction supports, wall steel pipe scaffolding, etc. Is often used in the decoration of equipment, so aluminum alloy scaffolding to be well preserved, the following through the characteristics of aluminum alloy scaffolding preservation method.





The characteristics of aluminum alloy scaffolding:

1, aluminum alloy scaffolding high efficiency, flexibility, fast dismantling, no screws, with less money to do more.

2, large bearing capacity, good stability.

3, safe and reliable, connector self-locking ability is good, series standardization.

4. Aluminum scaffold is easy to manage and stacked neatly.

5, aluminum alloy scaffolding has light weight, durable, repeatable, economic development and practical, low cost, small occupation time and space, long working time.

Aluminum alloy scaffold storage:

1, aluminum alloy scaffold per square meter construction load shall not exceed 2.7KN, only allow two steps on the scaffold at the same time stacked goods, do not allow overload. The debris on the scaffold should be cleared in time.

2. It is strictly prohibited to pull the cable and set up a lifting control handle on the scaffold, and it is not allowed to feed from the scaffold by the method of cable suspension.

3. The rod, fastener and rigid connection of aluminum alloy scaffold shall not be disassembled at will, and the violator shall be seriously dealt with.

4, aluminum alloy scaffolding every three steps acceptance once, after the company's quality safety department signed the approval of the rear can be used.

5, improve the enterprise construction site scaffolding inspection and maintenance of social management accounting system, scaffolding project department every six months to inspect, found problems and hidden dangers immediately deal with.

6, high voltage line near the outer frame outside the application of insulation board isolation, hanging firm, to ensure safety.


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