Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturers: where can we use aluminum alloy scaffolding

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 17:04

There are many kinds of scaffolding, among which aluminum scaffolding is easy to install and durable. Aluminum scaffold is suitable for picking, workshop, narrow channel and other industrial uses. It saves space without taking up too much space.





Aluminum scaffolding is a temporary structure that includes guardrails, toe boards or other protective devices and other fixtures, but does not include lifting equipment. Insulated primarily by wheels and rubber stoppers, it is used as a stability booster to prevent impact when working on any electrical installation. For the convenience and practicality of the work, each scaffold can choose the ladder as the auxiliary tool, can climb straight and oblique. Aluminum scaffolding can be used for roofing, ceiling or wall work, but also for drywall, painting, electrical and construction work.

Aluminum scaffolding is poorly maintained in terms of maintenance. But special care should be taken not to corrode/rust the steel. Especially in areas with high humidity, the difference in weight saves installation and disassembly time on site and makes parts delivery easier.

Aluminum scaffolding can provide a convenient working platform several meters high. It can also work stably in high-rise buildings over 40 stories, but the ladder can't be used! There is a large work platform on the scaffolding, and the platform is surrounded by a meter-high guardrail, which greatly improves safety. The actual qualified products can only be used after systematic testing and third party verification before practical application.

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