Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturers: the current situation of the aluminum alloy scaffolding market

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2022-11-03 17:01

Since 1970s, aluminum alloy scaffolds have been developed in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other places. At present, in these regions, Hong Kong and Macao and other regions are also the mainstream mobile fast scaffolding engineering products, so, the current situation of the aluminum alloy scaffolding market, let's take a look!


  Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturers: the current situation of the aluminum alloy scaffolding market


From the year before last, some Chinese domestic companies imported products from abroad and sold them in China. At the beginning, some of the customers were mainly used by foreign factories, foreign brand hotels and other multinational companies. Therefore, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other internationally famous five-star hotels, multinational companies basically exist this aluminum alloy bracket products.

At THE same time, some domestic aluminum alloy products factory imitation production, around the 1990s, can produce aluminum alloy bracket companies have appeared dozens. But because of market factors, these companies have not been popular. Therefore, the quality of many products is uneven, most can be simplified, as far as possible to simplify the product is a big safety risk.

From the beginning of recent years, more and more real estate construction enterprises began to gradually promote the use of aluminum alloy scaffolding in some key projects, with the improvement of safety production management in China and the significant increase in personnel cost, although the unit price is high, but the product is safer, more flexible and more efficient

Many previously uninvolved aluminum alloy scaffolding companies began to make this product, just one or two years of product chaos, now the foothold has been in the initial stage, I believe the future market will be huge, at the same time, seriously disrupted consumer choice. However, at present, there is no standard specification of aluminum alloy stent in our country, so product quality control and safety management can only rely on consumers' own choice.

In the protection of workers safety and engineering smoothly at the same time, to spread aluminum alloy scaffolding for ground pressure, improve efficiency, cost savings, obtained the customer agree, behind based on its powerful ability of engineering design for the project design a distributed beam foundation, support pier structure configuration for reducing the contact stress, while carefully survey the scene, Combined with their own professional and rigorous product technology.

The above introduction is the current situation of the aluminum alloy scaffolding market. With the further expansion of the market, there is reason to believe that the relevant domestic standards will be issued soon. I believe that the aluminum alloy scaffolding will gradually be on the track! Get the favor of many consumers!


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