Analysis of the main characteristics of disc type aluminum alloy scaffolding

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 17:01

Disc type connection mode is the international mainstream scaffold connection mode, is the upgrade of scaffold products, mature technology, solid connection, stable structure, safe and reliable.

Main features: disc scaffold has few basic components, easy erection and disassembly; High construction efficiency, strong bearing capacity, the series can adapt to various structures of buildings; The CONNECTING FASTENER MADE OF AVIATION aluminum alloy has simple structure, stable force, safe and reliable, and the latch has self-locking function, which completely avoids the unsafe factors in the process of operation. At present, the products are widely used in bridge, tunnel, electric power, petrochemical, shipbuilding, railway, airport, wharf and other industrial and civil construction engineering fields. Due to the low consumption and light weight, the operator can be more convenient for assembly.

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