Time of Release:

2022-11-03 17:00

Limit word, absolute word and functional word invalidation declaration

The new advertising law states that all pages must not appear absolute and functional words. I support the new advertising law, in order not to affect the normal purchase of consumers, the page of the obvious area of our company has been investigated and modified, and solemnly declare: we all the pages of the absolute words and functional words in this statement before all invalid, not as a reason for compensation.

For the areas that are not obvious and haven't been checked, they will be modified and improved gradually. However, manual investigation can not guarantee 100% of the investigation is complete, our company does not accept and do not compromise in any form of limit word compensation requirements and anti-counterfeiting in the name of network fraud, please make way for the real consumers, rights protection is two-way. Hope new and old customers understand and support and contact customer service to help improve. Also ask each road "fight against counterfeit" personage to uplift hand.

Taken the legal statement: according to order "advertisement law" and the Ministry of Commerce and industry, special remind this product title is drainage operation and technology needs, is not a product claims, please do not out of context, the other according to the law of the People's Republic of China on consumer rights and interests protects a law "article 15 product propaganda and the authenticity of the requirements and the requirements of the" advertisement law "and other laws and regulations.

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