Is aluminum scaffolding expensive? Some introduction of aluminum alloy scaffolding related knowledge

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2022-11-03 16:56

Is aluminum scaffolding expensive? In recent years, more and more real estate construction enterprises gradually promote the use of aluminum scaffolding in some projects. With the improvement of domestic safety production management level and the substantial increase in personnel costs, although the unit price is high, but the product is safer, more flexible and more efficient.




Many aluminum scaffold companies that had not been involved before began to produce the product in large quantities. Within a year or two, the product went haywire. At present, the foothold has been in the initial stage. Believing in the future market is great, but it also disrupts consumer choice. However, at present, there is no standard specification for aluminum alloy scaffolds in China, so the control of product quality and safety management can only rely on consumers' own choices.

Is aluminum scaffolding expensive? In order to ensure the safety of the operator and the smooth progress of the project, at the same time, it can disperse the pressure of aluminum alloy scaffolding on the ground, improve the efficiency and save the cost, which has been unanimously recognized by customers. Based on the engineering capabilities behind it, a distributed steel beam foundation was designed with a support pier structure to reduce the pressure on the contact surfaces. In the careful investigation of the scene at the same time, combined with their own rigorous product technology.

The components are lightweight and easy to install, transport and store. The scaffolding weighs only one-third as much as traditional steel scaffolding, so there is no need to worry about crushing the floor.

The component connection strength is good and stable, the support mechanism design is scientific, the overall structure is safe and stable. The failure pulling force of Guanyu scaffold node reaches 4100-4400kg, which is far greater than the allowable pulling force of 2100Kg. The carrying capacity of 12m high and double width scaffold is up to 500Kg.

The whole structure adopts "building block" combination design with standardized components and no spare parts. Without any installation tools, two workers can build a 20-meter altitude platform in a short time. Aluminum scaffold price

The advantages of aluminum scaffold:

1. Aluminum alloy scaffold saves material cost, multifunctional climbing frame body is only 4 ~ 4.5 times the height of the floor, and according to the construction progress, step by step, from the ground to the top layer than double scaffold reduces the amount of steel by more than 40%.

2. Shaped reinforcement can be rotated, telescopic attached support structure, applied to cantilevered balcony, beam, variable section, irregular geometric section of high-rise buildings, the effect is better, the characteristics will be obvious. Aluminum scaffold price

3. When the multi-functional climbing frame is in the rising state, it can meet the requirements of steel binding, formwork support, concrete pouring and lower mold removal and turnover of the structure construction top; When landing, it can meet the requirements of plastering, plastering, coating spraying, veneer, glass curtain wall installation.

4. The vertical main frame is rigid frame, and the guide rail is the inner limb of the vertical main frame. The length is set and is not limited by the change of building height. Convenient installation and disassembly; When used, the outer and lower parts are well protected, which is convenient for civilized construction. The appearance is regular, smooth and beautiful. Aluminum scaffold price


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