Is aluminum scaffolding expensive? What are its characteristics?

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2022-11-03 16:57

Is aluminum scaffolding expensive? What are its characteristics? Aluminum scaffold is widely used in the electric power industry, building management office, shopping center, film and television industry, high-rise buildings, installation and decoration industry, as well as the internal and external maintenance of storage tanks, cabins, kilns. It plays a very good role in use.


Is aluminum scaffolding expensive? What are its characteristics?



Is aluminum scaffolding expensive? Aluminum alloy scaffolding has the following characteristics:

1. High safety: Aluminum alloy scaffold is made of aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of good strength, high safety and reliability. These good performance characteristics make mobile scaffolding play a very good role in different fields.

2. Long product life: aluminum alloy, strict product quality. Under normal use, the product life can reach more than 20 years. Aluminum scaffold price

3. Convenient and quick installation: aluminum alloy scaffold has light weight, good structure, no extra tools in the assembly process, and its working efficiency is 6 times higher than that of ordinary scaffold. This feature has enabled mobile scaffolding to be widely used and promoted in construction and will demonstrate its technology in different industries.

4. Good interchangeability, can be arbitrarily combined. Aluminum scaffold can be disassembled into a variety of overall structures, to meet the requirements of different conditions of operation, to meet the important needs of different industries.

5. It can be reused. High strength aluminum alloy does not rust and does not require subsequent maintenance. And the installation process will not damage the equipment, can be reused.

Is aluminum scaffolding expensive? Aluminum alloy scaffolding has good performance characteristics, so that it is widely used in the construction industry and decoration industry, and in the continuous development and progress. Mobile scaffolding has a promising future and will continue to develop.

1. The construction load of aluminum alloy scaffold per square meter shall not exceed 2.7KN. It is only allowed to pile up items on the scaffold in two steps at the same time, and overload is not allowed. The debris on the scaffold should be cleared in time.

2. It is strictly prohibited to pull the cable and set the lifting handle on the scaffold, and it is not allowed to feed the material from the scaffold by hanging the cable. Aluminum scaffold price

3. Scaffolding rods, fasteners and rigid tie are strictly prohibited to be removed at will. Violators will be dealt with seriously.

4. The acceptance shall be performed every three steps and can only be used after being signed and approved by the Quality Safety Department of the company.

5. Improve the inspection and maintenance management system of aluminum alloy scaffolding on the construction site. The scaffolding project department shall inspect it every six months and deal with hidden dangers.

6. The outer side of the outer frame near the high-voltage cable is isolated by insulation boards, and is securely suspended to ensure safety.

Buckle connection is a lot of scaffolding connection, is the upgrade of scaffolding products, good technology, strong connection, stable structure, safe and reliable. Aluminum scaffold price

Is aluminum scaffolding expensive? Among them, the buckle scaffold has few basic components and is convenient to install and disassemble; The series of high construction efficiency, strong bearing capacity, can be adapted to various structures; The connecting fasteners made of aviation aluminum alloy have simple structure, stable force, safe and reliable, and the bolts have self-locking function, which completely avoids the unsafe factors in the operation process. At present, the product is widely used in bridge, tunnel, electric power, petrochemical, shipbuilding, railway, airport, wharf and other industrial and civil construction engineering fields. With less consumption and light weight, the operator can assemble more easily.


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