Introduce aluminum alloy scaffolding structure

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2022-11-03 16:50

Aluminum alloy scaffold structure features: all ladder structures can be freely matched, separated from the upper layer, base and handrail. "Interlocking elastic clip" is adopted for easy loading and unloading. T" type welding structure makes the structure more consolidated and extends the service life. Aluminum alloy scaffold structure and structure directly must use safety buckle to fix the structure connection and positioning, so that the structure can not shake.


Introduce aluminum alloy scaffolding structure

This detail is important, but many aluminum scaffolds on the market today do not have such safety clasps. Aluminum alloy scaffold structure structure reinforcement support aluminum alloy scaffold structure for four sides, four sides of the structure is not stable, the right way should be in four sides of the four corners and reinforcement support rod, make the structure become strong.

Tubing is used by aluminum alloy scaffolding materials selected, aluminum alloy scaffolding because demand structures, high height, even beyond the height of 40 meters, should choose high strength, but also meet the hardness and toughness of the materials used, generally use 6061 or 6082 series high intensity aviation special aluminum as aluminum alloy scaffolding supervisor.

Pass-through aluminum alloy scaffolding structure and structure parts, fittings, this area is the key of safety parts, in accordance with the standards of the European Union is leading not less than 150 mm in length, must install strong not loose, not using screws or rivets method, now is the most strong connection welding, manufacturing technics of cold pressing process, the part in the process of using aluminum alloy scaffolding, The scaffold will shake, and the cold pressure part will appear loose when shaking for a long time, so it is uncomfortable

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