Moving scaffolding manufacturers which good

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2022-11-03 16:49

People use moving scaffolding when building renovations and buildings. Is widely used as a requirement for scaffolding, but what about mobile scaffolding? What should we pay attention to when using mobile scaffolding? So, let's learn about the next mobile scaffolding manufacturer!


Moving scaffolding manufacturers which good


01. The net distance between the moving scaffold and the wall shall not exceed 150mm. The connecting rod and locking arm must be provided for the assembly of upper and lower brackets. Cross supports should be set on both inside and outside sides to lock firmly with the locking pins on the gantry rod.

02. The installation of the moving scaffold is extended from one end to the other. Please do not change the installation direction each time. Cross support, horizontal frame or bottom plate should be installed in time after the door frame installation; The pin arms and hooks connecting the door frame to accessories must be locked.

03. Horizontal scaffolding must be installed on the upper part of the top door frame, the installation layer of wall components and the setting place of protective scaffolding for moving scaffolding. When the height of the door frame is less than 45m, the horizontal frame shall be set up in at least two steps along the height of the scaffold; When the door frame installation height exceeds 45m, the horizontal frame should be installed step by step; No MATTER HOW HIGH THE SCAFFOLD MAY BE, IT MUST BE SET UP STEP BY STEP AT THE CORNER, END, AND DISCONTINUOUS SPAN OF THE SCAFFOLD.

04. The horizontal frame of the mobile scaffold can be replaced by a hanging scaffold board or horizontal reinforcement bars arranged on both sides of the door frame, which shall be continuously installed in the floor of its installation; According to the construction needs, when the cross support part inside the scaffold is temporarily removed, horizontal frames shall be set above and below it

05. When the height of the mobile scaffold exceeds 20m, a continuous horizontal strengthening rod shall be set every 4 steps outside the portal scaffold, and a sealing rod shall be set at the lower end of the bottom department frame, and a long cleaning rod shall be set inside and outside the portal frame. The horizontal stiffener should be firmly fixed to the door frame strut using fasteners.

As a new type of combined steel formwork construction tool, mobile scaffolding is one of the basic tools of modern real estate construction facilities with the characteristics of easy to use and flexible movement. It is widely used in all kinds of large and small construction sites, and plays a good auxiliary role.

Our products mainly include portal scaffolding, trapezoidal scaffolding, mobile scaffolding and all kinds of scaffolding accessories products, in all directions, convenient transportation. I plant strong technical force, engineering and technical personnel accounted for the total number of employees 15 people, to ensure the use of mobile scaffolding safe and reliable. Production, we guarantee the same product quality, the same quality to see the price, and our factory has a perfect after-sales service system, mobile scaffolding accessories sold all over the country, praised by users.

The above introduction is the mobile scaffolding manufacturer which is good, if you need to know more, please feel free to contact us!


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