Compare the use characteristics of quick loading scaffolding

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2022-11-03 16:48

Quick installation of scaffolding and steel pipe frame between the comparison, next Xiaobian to give you a brief introduction. Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffolding features: light, consolidated aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold is light in weight and easy to install, handle and store. The capacity of each tower and the consolidated operating platform can carry loads of 272-600 kg.


Compare the use characteristics of quick loading scaffolding

Construction, disassembly is simple and convenient, two workers can build a height of 20 meters in a short time, without any installation tools. High strength casters are easy to move and lock at will. Aluminum scaffolding facilitates continuous use in many different operating positions. The height of the legs can be adjusted freely, and can be used according to steps, stairs and messy terrain.

All the parts are treated with special oxidation resistance. The joints are solid castings with high precision. The service life of aluminum alloy scaffolding products is up to 30 years. Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold steel pipe scaffold features: features: load change large coupler connecting node is semi-rigid, the stiffness of the node is related to the quality of the coupler and the quality of the device, the function of the node has a great change.

The initial defects of scaffold structure and components, such as the initial bending and rust of the rod, the size error of the device and the eccentricity of the load are large; The connection point to the wall varies greatly in the binding of the scaffold. The above content is packed by scaffolding Xiaobian, the idea of this article does not represent the idea of this site.

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