Summary of knowledge about the use of scaffolding

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2022-11-03 16:47

Scaffolding and rectangular tube during cold bending forming characteristics of cold bending scaffolding, cold bending rectangular tube through the outside roller and the touch of the outer wall of tube billet one-way bending moment that make pick-up bending, cold bending makes the meander-line austerity, tightening effect makes the meander-line longitudinal elongation, bent metal accumulation in thickening, this is the cold bending of the tightening/thickening effect.


Summary of knowledge about the use of scaffolding

Here is the first to clarify what its characteristics are, why it will become a ladder scaffold a mainstay product? First: the characteristics of saving time and labor become a reason for people to choose it. Portal scaffolding is mainly convenient for us to remove and install, and it does not need anything.

Therefore, regardless of any occasion, mobile scaffolding can be disassembled, it can be directly built, convenient and fast, effectively short the construction period, ladder scaffold and accelerate the progress of the project; Then, because it is convenient and fast in the device, the portal scaffold can be effectively shortened in time.

Then, in the use of manpower, it can effectively save energy, and move the scaffold and dismantle it safely and flexibly, so that the labor force is significantly reduced; It is this effect, so as to ensure the construction period ladder scaffolding short, saving money, reduce the cost of expenditure.

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