How to properly use insulated scaffolding

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 16:46

Before use, fully check the constructed steel pipe scaffold, ensure that all assembly line precautions are followed, and ensure that the parts of steel pipe scaffold are not destroyed. When the steel pipe scaffold has been proofread and all the wheels and adjusting legs have been fixed, we can climb the steel pipe scaffold.



There is no need to move or condition this steel scaffold when serving many people and objects on the channel. It can be directly climbed into the service channel from the inside of the steel pipe scaffold, or climbed into the service channel from the ladder, according to the corridor of the structure, or according to the opening of the service channel into the operation channel.

If the vertical expansion equipment is raised in a part of the base, it must be fixed on the steel pipe scaffold using external support points or special tools for widening. When the service channel aspect ratio exceeds 1.50m, safety barriers must be used. Install and lock the steel pipe scaffold according to the operating instructions to improve its robustness.

During construction, the brake pedal of the wheel foot must be stopped and the level must be adjusted well. Make sure the joints at the junctions are strong. Straight climbing ladder, service channel board, mouth plate must be hooked, hear the click. When the service channel plate of single total width steel pipe scaffold exceeds 2m, and the aspect ratio of service channel plate of double total width steel pipe scaffold exceeds 6rn, external support columns must be used.

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