Talk about the development of mobile scaffolding

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 16:42

The nature and nature of mobile scaffolding development proposition is as follows: in the development of mold frame companies, but also faced with the system, management, market and other demand disposal problems. With the restructuring of construction enterprises, trust will soon appear all kinds of formwork companies, mobile scaffolding engineering will be the future trend.


Talk about the development of mobile scaffolding

We should encourage scaffolding companies to stop reasonable production, stop production and processing according to the standards and methods, and improve the degree of scaffolding in our country. The scaffolding company is conducive to the implementation of the application of new formwork, improve the construction speed and construction quality; It is conducive to the full application of construction equipment and the application of mold frame.

It is beneficial to improve the level of construction technology and cultivate skilled construction team; Conducive to the operation of workers construction environment, formwork construction. Strengthen the management of rental mobile scaffolding enterprises, and strictly monitor the rental enterprises to purchase steel pipes, fasteners and mobile scaffolding from manufacturers with "product qualification certificate".

Shall not purchase steel pipe and fastener from the construction enterprise and the waste product market, arrange the relevant personnel to stop the quality inspection of the rental enterprise regularly, and the unqualified should be discarded in time. It is advocated to actively develop the new mobile scaffolding rental business, help the construction enterprises to promote the application of new scaffolding, and improve the technical degree of mobile scaffolding application.

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