Talk about the use of insulated quick loading scaffolding

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2022-11-03 17:13

Before use, thoroughly check the established scaffolding, ensure that all assembly instructions are followed, and ensure that there is no damage to the scaffold parts. Only CLIMB THIS SCAFFOLD WHEN it has BEEN LEVELED and all casters and conditioning legs have been SECURED. Do not move or adjust this scaffolding when there are people and objects on the channel.


Talk about the use of insulated quick loading scaffolding

Access to the channel can be obtained by climbing a ladder from the inside of the scaffold or from the steps on which the ladder is built, through the passage of the frame, or through the opening of the channel into the working channel. If VERTICAL extension equipment is added to the base section, it is necessary to secure the scaffold with external supports or broadening.

When the channel height exceeds 1.20m, it is necessary to use safety barriers. Install and lock tensioning bars on scaffolds according to the instructions for use to enhance their stability. When setting up, the brake of the wheel foot must be stopped, and the level must be adjusted. The bayonet at the junction should ensure that the junction is stable.

Climbing ladder, channel board, opening board must be hooked, hear the click. When the channel plate of a width scaffold exceeds 4m and the channel plate height of a double-width scaffold exceeds 6rn, it is necessary to use an external support plate. The external support connecting vertical rod must be tightened without loosening. The lower end should not be suspended, and the lower end should be firmly attached to the ground.

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