Precautions for using insulated scaffolding

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 16:40

Scaffolding is an essential tool in electric maintenance and construction. It should not only have enough construction area to meet the needs of manual operation, data stacking and transportation, but also bear the requirements of good stability and robustness. The following is a brief introduction to the scaffolding in the use of some details of the need to pay attention to.



Before the use of the device, correctly check all components and functions of the scaffold at the construction site to ensure that the equipment is intact. Check the air to see if the movable insulation scaffold can be installed and moved on it and can accept the weight of the scaffold. It is recommended to use temporary protective balustrades to stop the device.

During ASSEMBLY AND OPERATION, THE PROVIDED BUILT-IN CLIMBING LADDER MUST BE USED AT ALL TIMES, OR THE EXTERNAL CLIMBING LADDER SHOULD BE STOPPED. No other objects are allowed to reach higher heights on the platform, increasing the risk factor. Lifting equipment parts of the scaffolding must be provided by the manufacturer of special lifting frame and quality of PE rope to stop the lifting work, to ensure safety and stability.

When moving the scaffold, there should be no personnel or data on it. When the scaffold is placed on a rough, uneven or inclined road surface, attention should be paid to the opening and locking position of the wheel foot. If fitted with stable braces, they must be properly lifted to separate the air and clear the road.

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