What are the characteristics of aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold?

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2022-11-03 16:36

Traditional scaffolding is poorly designed and usually comes in two forms, one is fastener type and the other is door type. The fastener type is flexible but obviously has the following disadvantages; Large size, easy to rust, need wrenches and other tools, installation process laborious, careless installation will hurt workers. The installation time is long and the construction efficiency is low. Portal (portal) scaffold structure design has a big defect. The overall structure of portal frame is not coherent. In order to facilitate access, the bottom transverse passage is disconnected, and the overall structure is not firm. The transverse bar is cross-shaped, and there is no transverse bar connection between layers. The bolts are connected only by bolts, which are generally not fixed on the scaffold, but independently separated. There are great defects in the design of this kind of portal scaffolding, and it is generally not recommended to pile up high, which may cause great safety risks.

Characteristics of aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold:

1. All parts of the aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold are made of high-quality aluminum alloy recognized by the country, which is 75% lighter than the traditional tubular scaffold.

2. High welding compressive strength of components: using full welding process, the destructive connection strength of scaffold connectors reaches 4100~4400 kg, which is 2100 kg higher than other standard destructive connection strength!

3. Simple and convenient installation; The universal wheel with high bearing capacity can move flexibly.

4. High construction efficiency: the overall structure adopts the "building block" design scheme, without installation tools.

5. Quality assurance: meet the technical testing standards of each department, and the quality standards of manufactured products meet international BS, en and other standards.

6. Safety assurance: Purchase product liability insurance.

Aluminum alloy quick - loading scaffold solves many problems in climbing operation. It can be built according to the specific operation height, generally 2 meters.

Single-width aluminum scaffold can be built in narrow area, convenient and flexible. He could consider building and climbing in narrow Spaces, such as corners and indoor stairs.

The aluminum alloy of the aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold is first assembled with casters, which are connected to the adjustable feet and then inserted into the frame. When installing casters and adjustable feet, the adjustable caster should be in contact with the ground, and the caster should be perpendicular to the adjustable foot in a straight line. Adjustable legs shall be mounted downward together with caster weight. Casters can easily be damaged if installed in reverse.

When aluminum alloy quick installation scaffolding is set up to a certain height, external support rods need to be installed to play a stabilizing role. When installing the external support rod, pay attention to the formation of a certain construction proportion between the scaffold body and the external support rod. Pay attention to the contact between the outer support rod and the ground during installation. External support rods off the ground do not work.

Aluminum alloy scaffolding installation must have guardrail, construction personnel shall not stand on the top of the scaffolding work. There is no protective rail. Guardrail installation is the final step in scaffolding installation. Guardrails are generally erected or reserved for about 1m. Put people around the scaffolding.

Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold removal should be carried out layer by layer from top to bottom, and it is forbidden to work up and down at the same time; The members, fittings and rebar of the same floor must be removed in the order from top to bottom and from outside to inside; The door frame and accessories shall be transported to the ground by manual transport. No throwing is allowed. The dismantled materials should be stacked in different categories.

Aluminum alloy scaffolding is a high-altitude work tool, safety is very important.


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