How do mobile scaffolding manufacturers choose to move scaffolding

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2022-11-03 16:37

Modern science and technology are developing rapidly, and new technologies, materials and technologies are emerging in an endless stream. In this situation, new high strength materials emerge one after another, high strength magnesium alloy materials are more and more widely used. With the good performance of aluminum alloy fast fashion has been gradually recognized by the society, it has been widely used in many domestic enterprises and institutions, hotels, equipment maintenance, cleaning and cleaning, so how to choose mobile scaffolding manufacturers, let's take a look together!

However, due to the insufficient training of the supplier to the user and the fast movement of the user, there will inevitably be some safety risks in the use of magnesium aluminum scaffold. The following describes the safe construction process and use precautions of magnesium aluminum scaffold.

I. Safety inspection

Before constructing and using scaffolding, ensure that the following are correct.

1. Check all parts and components to ensure that there is no damage, and the defective parts should be supplemented or replaced in time;

2. Welding point inspection: ensure that all welding points are not opened;

3. Trachea inspection: all tracheas have no cracks; There is no obvious depression caused by compression or knock. Do not use a pipe with a sag of more than 5mm.

4. Please keep the thread part of the adjustable foot clean and add lubricating oil.

Two, installation steps

In order to maximize the safety of scaffolding construction and use, please follow the following steps to install.

1. Build

Check all components on site (refer to product composition list);

Ensure that the ground on which scaffolding or movement is erected is sufficiently stable to provide firm support

The overall maximum weight of each set of scaffolding is 750 kg, the maximum weight of a single platform is 250 kg;

In construction and use can only be climbed from the inside of the scaffold;

Do not use boxes of any material or other elevated objects on the platform to raise the working height.

2. The upgrade

For the lifting of scaffold assembly, special hangers, thick ropes and other materials with reliable strength shall be used, and safety belts shall be used;

According to the specification, when constructing non-standard or large scaffolding, external support or counterweight should be used;

Use counterweights at the bottom to prevent large scaffolds from tipping over

Please refer to the configuration table for the use of external support;

When operating with external support, consult the supplier or under the manufacturer's guidance. The counterweight is made of solid material and can be placed on the overload support foot. It must be placed safely to avoid disassembly by mistake.

3. The mobile

Scaffolding can only be moved horizontally by manually pressing the entire bottom of the shelf.

When moving, pay attention to the nearby electrical equipment, especially the aerial pipeline.

Please do not put people or other objects on the scaffold to avoid falling and hurting people.

When moving on undulating ground or inclined surface, please pay attention to the caster lock setting direction.

When the outer wall supports, the outer support can be far enough from the ground; To AVOID OBSTACLES, THE HEIGHT OF THE SCAFFOLD SHOULD not EXCEED 2.5 times the SIZE of the smaller bottom. The company specializes in the production of portal scaffolding, according to customer requirements to design and order a variety of non-standard products.

Our company has advanced production equipment and strong technical force, at the present stage, our main products are portal scaffolding, trapezoidal scaffolding, dish scaffolding and all kinds of real estate equipment parts. The ladder scaffold, door scaffold, large scaffold, wheel scaffold, indoor scaffold, accessories and other products produced by the mobile scaffold manufacturer are processed by antirust technology, especially suitable for use in coastal cities. The indicators of the products are in line with the relevant standards, and have passed the inspection of the national real estate project quality supervision and Inspection Center.

The above introduction is how to choose mobile scaffolding manufacturers, if you need to know more, please feel free to contact us!


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