What are the key points in installing insulated scaffolding

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2022-11-03 16:34

It is necessary to look at all the parts that will be used before looking at the formal setup of the parts used. Once found damaged or defective products should be replaced immediately. Many people ignore the view on the ground, which is not true. In actual use, the phenomenon of soft ground should not be removed, or more precautions should be taken. See if the movable scaffold can be set up and moved on it and can support the weight of the scaffold.


What are the key points in installing insulated scaffolding

Pay attention to the load before the device must first understand the pressure that the scaffold can bear, as long as this can be used more confidently in the later period, eliminate unnecessary doubts. The scaffold platform is designed to have an evenly distributed carrying load of 250kg and a pooled stopping load of 248kg per square metre across all platforms.

The bearing load of each elongated leg in the base is 750kg, while the bearing load of each indented leg is l400kg. The correct use of things in the assembly process requires the use of some things. When reaching a certain height, it needs to climb the ladder. Pay attention not to use other things at will instead, this is the protection of the user is also related to its own safety. You must always use either the inner or outer ladders provided for climbing.

In the process of installation, the installation personnel should move up and down from time to time. If you do not pay attention at this time, you will make mistakes. Make sure you don't use any objects on the platform to reach higher altitudes. The parts of the scaffolding of the secondary lifting equipment must be lifted with the special lifting frame and PE rope provided by the manufacturer.

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