The specific introduction of aluminum alloy scaffolding

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2022-11-03 16:33

A set of finished aluminum alloy scaffolding components should include: structure, horizontal tie rod, oblique tie rod, H guardrail, baseboard, channel plate (must ensure that every 2 meters height of at least one channel plate), universal casters, adjustable legs, oblique support, etc. The specific details are as follows: aluminum structure: general aluminum alloy scaffold structure is mainly selected φ50.8xδ2 or φ50.8xδ1.8 aluminum alloy tube welding.


The specific introduction of aluminum alloy scaffolding

Aluminum bracket has 3, 4, 5 level of horizontal pipe and 2 level of frame for guardrail use, each level of horizontal pipe can be built on the channel plate, the distance is 460mm. The height of the structure is common: 5 level frame: 2.32 meters, 4 level frame: 1.85 meters, 3 level frame 1.39 meters, and 2 level frame guardrail: 0.85 meters.

Horizontal inclined bar: aluminum alloy scaffolding mainly depends on the combination of horizontal and oblique tie rod to finalize the overall structure, the number of horizontal and oblique bar collocation and building method has an important role in the stability of the aluminum alloy scaffolding overall structure. In the meantime, the two ends of the crossbar hook have self-locking function; The end hook is made of high quality cast aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of high strength to ensure the safety of the tower.

Baseboard: assembled in the operation layer around the channel board, the channel board will be closed around, can effectively prevent the tool placed on the channel board falling, and ensure that personnel work on the channel board, to prevent the foot step empty, accidents. Channel plate: It is divided into two kinds: open channel plate and standard channel plate. Aluminum alloy structure and multi-layer gluing waterproof, anti-skid, anti-combustion high-density plate riveting assembly.

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