What are the steps for the installation and erection of aluminum alloy quick installation scaffolding?

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2022-11-03 16:32

Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold has the advantages of light weight, easy installation, handling and storage. Adopt "building block" design, parts standardization, no loose parts. Without any installation tools, two workers can build a working platform with a height of 20m in a short time. The following are the installation steps of aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold:

1. Scaffold wheel assembly:

Insert the adjustable screws into the frame first, then lock the casters. Repeat the same installation method to install the adjustable casters and casters into the rack. We recommend a 2-person installation for easy assembly.


The two frames with the newly installed wheels are used as the first layer of scaffolding, the transverse tie rod and the diagonal tie rod, which need to be suspended as shown in the figure. The technique of hanging the tie rod is: (1) placing the tie rod in parallel and (2) passing through the diagonal tie rod.

3. Place the platform board:

Ensure that the platform plate and crossbar are level, and only horizontal. When placing the platform board, a platform board can be suspended about 50cm above the ground to facilitate construction. This technology can be used to construct all platform boards.

4. Hoisting ladder installation:

Foot and hand ladders are divided into straight, sloping and sloping ladders. Ladder and ladder need to be installed separately.

5. Continue to build:

Even if the first floor has been built, continue to build at this time.

Hang up the shelves first. After hanging the two frames from the second floor, insert safety pins.

6. Continue to hang the tie rod:

Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold is a composite frame, which is mainly composed of tie rods. The horizontal and oblique forces of the scaffold need to be considered. The crossbar should be placed 1 meter from the pedal. At this point, the bar is about the waist. The inclined bar and the first layer of inclined bar need to form a "zigzag", and the inclined bar must be connected as a whole. The starting point of the oblique rod is hung on the frame of the first floor, and the end point is hung on the frame of the second floor.

7. Install external support:

If the scaffold exceeds 4 meters, external supports must be installed.

8. Continue to release the pedal to build higher layers:

The top floor needs to be covered.

9 Guardrail installation:

The guardrail is a 1m high frame to protect the safety of the "standing bench". When installing, please remember to tighten the guardrail safety pin.

Compared with traditional scaffolding, it has the following advantages:

1. Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold, all parts are made of 6082 aluminum alloy, light weight, easy to install and move, bearing up to 900kg.

2. Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold design is reasonable, all parts of the connection strength is high, safe, using internal expansion and external pressure process, far greater than the traditional scaffold.

3. The service life of aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold is more durable than the traditional iron frame, and the products with good quality are more durable! Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold.

4. A set of different styles of scaffolding can be set up, such as suspension bridge beam, staircase and corridor scaffolding, combined aluminum alloy tower scaffolding, etc., which is suitable for various construction occasions.


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