What are the main functions of scaffolding? Insulation scaffolding manufacturers online to solve doubts

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2022-11-03 17:58

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers believe that scaffolding is set up in the construction site for workers to operate and solve the vertical and horizontal transportation of various supports, refers to the construction site can not be directly carried out in the outer wall, interior decoration or high floor. It is mainly used for construction personnel to work up and down, maintain the surrounding safety net, high-altitude installation components, etc.

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers believe that scaffolding can be divided into four basic forms, including landing, hanging, hanging, attaching and lifting, according to the setting state on the building facade.

1. Floor scaffolding is set up on the ground outside the building. The main way of scaffolding is double row of vertical poles. Due to the limitation of the bearing capacity of the vertical pole, the material consumption is large and the occupation time is long. The height of the scaffolding is mostly controlled below 40m. In the construction of brick and concrete structure, scaffolding is used for masonry, decoration and protection. In the construction of multi-story frame structure, scaffolding is mainly used for decoration and protection.

2. The insulation scaffold manufacturer believes that the cantilever scaffold is set up on the cantilever structure extending outward from the outer edge of the building, and the load of the scaffold is fully or partially transferred to the building structure. Cantilever support structure mainly has two forms: triangular truss support structure welded by section steel and cable-stayed structure supported by horizontal steel cantilever beam with steel wire rope. The double rows of special scaffolding set up on the cantilever structure are the same as the landing scaffold, and the height of the segmented cantilever scaffold is generally controlled within 25m. This form of scaffolding is used for decoration and protection. It is used in the construction of high-rise buildings in downtown areas that need to be completely enclosed to prevent falling objects from hurting people.

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers believe that the main functions of scaffolding:

1. Make the construction personnel work in different parts.

2. Can stack and transport a certain amount of building materials.

3. Ensure the safety of construction personnel when working at high places.

4. Ensure that the construction personnel must stand at a high altitude.

5. Provide external protection frame for high-altitude construction personnel.

6. Provide a platform for high-altitude construction personnel to unload.

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers think that the use of scaffolding requirements:

1. Sufficient width or area, step height and distance from the wall.

2. Adequate strength, stiffness and stability.

3. Scaffolding should be simple in structure, easy to assemble, disassemble and carry, and reusable.

4. Adopt local materials according to local conditions, make full use of self-provided and rentable scaffold materials to save scaffold cost.

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers believe that scaffolding is an essential and important facility in construction, and it is a working platform and working channel built to ensure the safe and smooth construction of high places. In recent years, the scaffold accident occurred frequently. The basic reasons are: the construction plan (operation instruction) has been processed, the construction personnel has violated regulations, and the inspection and acceptance listing is not in place. Construction projects around the construction site scaffolding problems still abound, safety risks are imminent. Managers must pay enough attention to the safety management of scaffolding, "strict inspection" is particularly important.


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