Scaffolding installation points, insulation scaffolding manufacturers online explanation

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 17:57

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers believe that before scaffolding erection, the position line of the vertical pole should be popped out on the foundation, and the bottom plate and bottom plate should be placed correctly according to the design size. Bamboo scaffolding poles should be buried. It is strictly prohibited to erect scaffolding on uncompacting backfill.

The vertical rod should be placed on the metal base or cushion wood, and the joint of the vertical rod and the longitudinal horizontal rod should be staggered. Fastener steel pipe scaffold must be connected with fastener, bolts should be tightened, do not use other materials to tie.

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers believe that scaffolding materials should be consistent. It is forbidden to mix steel with wood or bamboo materials and materials of different sizes. The scaffold must be set up in accordance with the construction schedule, and the height of the scaffold shall not exceed two steps above the adjacent wall pieces at a time.

At the beginning of erection, a throw brace should be set up every 6 spans. Only after the wall piece is firmly installed can it be removed according to the situation. When installing wall connectors to the construction site, the wall connectors should be installed immediately after the installation of vertical and horizontal rods.

Single and double rows of scaffolding up to 24m in height must be supported at both ends of the facade. The support width should not be less than 4 span, not more than 6 span, and not less than 6m. The diagonal Angle of inclination to the ground should be between 45 and 60 and should be set continuously from the bottom up. For double-row scaffolding with a height greater than 24m, scissor supports should be set continuously from the outside to the full length and at full height.

The insulation scaffold manufacturer believes that the width of the feed chute should not be less than 1.5m and the slope should be 1:6; The width of the ramp shall not be less than 1m, and the slope shall be 13; A platform should be set in the corner, and the width of the platform should not be smaller than the width of the ramp. A non-slip wooden strip is arranged on the bamboo foot board every 250~300mm, and the thickness of the non-slip wooden strip is 20~30mm.

Operating feet and hands should be laid smoothly, 120~150mm away from the wall, no gap and probe plate; When using stamping steel foot handboard, wooden foot handboard and bamboo string foot handboard, it should be set on three horizontal horizontal rods. When the length of the handboard is less than 2m, it can be supported by two horizontal rods, but both ends of the handboard should be fixed reliably to prevent toppling. Use bamboo and wattles foot board, longitudinal horizontal bar should be equal spacing, spacing should not be greater than 400mm

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers believe that when stamping steel handboards, wooden handboards and bamboo chain handboards lap, lap length shall not be less than 200 mm; Double rows of horizontal rod supports should be set for docking. The distance between the two horizontal rods should not be greater than 200mm. The scaffold boards should cross at the corner of the shelf. Flat foot hand board made of wood block, fixed firmly, do not use brick pad. Bamboo and basketry board should be laid according to its main bamboo bar perpendicular to the vertical horizontal bar in the direction of the joint tile. The four corners are fixed to the longitudinal horizontal bar with 14 gauge galvanized steel wire.

The insulation scaffold manufacturer thinks that two protective railings should be set up at the outside pole of the scaffold, the ramp and the inside side pole of the platform. The upper balustrade epithelium is 1200 mm high. Set the railing in the middle, hang the 180mm high footboard, hang the mesh. The eye-opening ring buckle at the lower edge of the mesh should be firmly bound with the longitudinal horizontal rod of the scaffold with 14 steel wire, and there should be no gap at the lower edge. If there is any gap between the upper edge and the longitudinal horizontal bar, the gap should not be greater than 100 mm. All the eye-opening ring buckles at the edge of the net body should be tied firmly, and no gaps should be formed.


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