Mobile scaffolding manufacturer Brief introduction What is mobile scaffolding? What are the advantages?

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2022-11-03 17:58

Mobile scaffolding is a kind of scaffolding produced by factories and set up on site. It is one of the scaffolds widely used in the world today. It can not only be used as external scaffolding, but also as internal scaffolding or full scaffolding. Mobile scaffolding manufacturers said that mobile scaffolding is widely used in construction, bridge, tunnel, subway and other engineering construction because of its standardized geometric size, reasonable structure, good mechanical performance, easy installation and disassembly during construction, safe and reliable, economic and practical, if placed in the lower part of the door frame wheels, It can also be used as a working platform for mechanical and electrical installation, painting and painting, equipment maintenance and advertising production.

In general, as long as the construction of mobile scaffolding is carried out in accordance with the service load and construction regulations listed in the product catalog, there is no need to check again. If the actual use does not conform to the provisions, the corresponding reinforcement measures should be taken or checked. Mobile scaffolding manufacturers introduce that the height of mobile scaffolding is usually limited to 45m, and can reach about 80m after taking certain measures. The value of the construction load is generally 1.8kN/ distributed load, or 2kN concentrated load acting on the foot and hand span.

Mobile scaffolding is a standard tool made of common steel pipe materials and assembled at the construction site. Its basic unit is composed of a pair of door frame, two scissors, a pair of beams and four connectors. Several basic units are stacked vertically through connectors that snap into the upper arm to form a multi-layered frame. In the horizontal direction, the adjacent units are connected into a whole through the steel bar and the horizontal beam frame, and the inclined ladder, the railing and the cross bar constitute the external scaffolding connected up and down.

Mobile scaffolding is widely used in interior decoration or facade advertising because of its simple disassembly, good bearing performance, safe and reliable use. So what are the benefits of moving scaffolding? Mobile scaffolding manufacturers tell you its advantages:

1. Versatility:

When in use, mobile scaffolding of different sizes should be set up according to the specific construction requirements. Can choose mobile, support, material lifting, suspension and other different shapes, different bearing capacity of the construction equipment. It can also be used in conjunction with various material sheds, lighthouses and other construction equipment.

2, convenient for professional management:

Components are standardized, each component is painted with color, not only beautiful, but also to ensure that the stacked neatly, convenient site management.

3. Strong versatility:

The main components are steel pipe as the main body, can be connected with fasteners, has a strong versatility.

4. Standardization of geometric dimensions:

Reasonable structure, good mechanical properties, make full use of steel strength, high bearing capacity. Convenient disassembly in construction, high installation efficiency, labor and time saving, safe and reliable, economical and applicable.

The above is mobile scaffolding manufacturers for you to summarize some basic knowledge about mobile scaffolding. I hope you can use it as a reference when buying.


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