Aluminum alloy scaffolding assembly instructions

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 17:59

Properly assembled and used aluminum footstools provide safety and convenience in the workshop. Especially if it is windy or windy, special care may be needed to ensure stability. For example, the weight of scaffolding supports is tied to stable structures with legs. The aluminium alloy scaffold assembly has a safe load of 230 kg per layer.

1. Insert the two adjustable leg wheel assemblies into the frame. Allows adjustment of 100mm legs. If necessary, tighten the small nut at the top of the base to ensure that the frame is secure. Caster wheel lock. Repeat frame 2.

2. Clamp horizontal brackets (including blue bands) to both sides of one frame. Now the framework is self-supporting. Clamp the other end of the horizontal bracket on either side of the other frame. Horizontal supports are placed as guardrail at each platform elevation.

3. Horizontally clamp the flat bracket (including the red band) at the bottom of the frame between the diagonal points. Hold the three brackets in opposite directions as shown. Adjust the legs and level the pylon.

Assembly of aluminum alloy scaffolding

4. Add the next level of framing. Use the platform as a temporary platform to help with assembly.

5. Add diagonal brackets to place additional platforms on the middle rungs of the second frame. Always climb to the inside of the tower. Add more brackets and frames until you reach the desired height.

6. Clamp the horizontal support to the two rungs on the deck as a guardrail. Fit toe board. Add ladders through the hatch deck if provided.

For all freestanding aluminum foot assemblies, the work platform shall not be greater than 3 times the size of the base. If you fall more than two meters, the builders on the aluminum scaffolding should buckle up. The wheel must be locked before use. Always shovel scaffolding with a adjusting wheel. Do not move the scaffolding if someone is on it.

How to quickly understand the construction method of aluminum alloy scaffolding

During construction, I can also quickly build a 2-meter-high aluminum scaffold construction operation platform for efficient work. (Note: Other heights require expert construction)

Tools and materials:

Double width five-speed frame, double width guardrail frame, H guardrail frame, tie bar, diagonal lever, standard door and door frame, leg adjustment and casters.

Methods and procedures:

1. Adjust the legs and casters and install them at the joint of the 2-width 5-section rack.

2. Set two wide five-speed frames, install a cross bar on each side, connect two five-speed frames with the cross bar, brake all the 40,000 speed wheels, and the basic scaffolding bracket is completed.

3. The five brackets on both sides are separated by three grids, slanting the inclined bar, and installing the footstool in three grids. In order to facilitate the operation of the back row sequence, double wide guardrail and H guardrail frame are installed on the five brackets.

4. Put the door plate on the 5 grids of the 4 and 5 section frame, and move the 3 grids of pedals to the position parallel to the 5 grids of the door plate to complete the simple 2-meter aluminum alloy scaffold construction platform.

5. If the ground conditions permit, the scaffold can be moved. After the movement is complete, the legs can be adjusted to adjust the height. Don't forget to put the casters on the brakes.


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