Multifunctional aluminum alloy scaffolding introduction

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 18:00

Aluminum alloy scaffolding can also be called aluminum alloy door type, because it can be as highly overlapping as the gantry, according to the different site, you can choose narrow and wide aluminum frame, but also can install straight ladder or slanted ladder. Aluminum multifunctional scaffolding can be used not only for construction, but also for stage, cleaning, concerts, etc. Because it's mobile.

1) Detachable fixed type. Aluminum alloy scaffolding general accessories are casters, casters with brakes, belong to the universal type, it is very convenient to move. Even if the height is more than 30 meters or the internal force requirements are high, you can also use the bracket to replace the bottom casters, better stability.

2) It can be installed in other styles. According to the needs of the actual high-altitude construction work, the bridge ceremony was set up in the shopping mall and swimming pool. Set up active ceremonies at airports, hospitals and theaters. Set up towers in buildings, hotels and schools. Set up combination ceremonies in special industries such as power plants, electric power, civil aviation, petrochemical and shipping industries. Including single width, double width, prominence, suspension and so on. In general, aluminum alloy multifunctional scaffolding can form a variety of styles and shapes.

3) A wide range of applications. The aforementioned industries are only part of a narrow work space, such as doors, elevators, boilers, and water tanks. Exhibition, railway and other large space can be perfect.

Multifunctional aluminum alloy scaffolding is not only good material, light weight, strong structure, good exchangeability, simple installation, fast, belongs to the type of lightweight high working equipment. The method of use is simple, but installation and removal must be handled by a trained professional lathe worker with a certificate. No special staff shall be engaged in installation work. Moreover, before entering the site, the scaffolding must be inspected for quality and must meet the inspection regulations. I have the quality inspection report.

The new multifunctional aluminum alloy scaffold greatly saves manpower and materials. In addition, in terms of safety, it has also brought great changes to the traditional steel pipe scaffold. In high-rise buildings, the advantages are that better cost saving and higher efficiency can be achieved. Judging by the cost of a one-time purchase. Although higher than the general shelf pipe, but in the long term, the actual annual average cost is much lower.

Aluminum alloy scaffolding is mainly divided into the following parts:

1. Hanging scaffolding: Two or more platforms are suspended by ropes supported by viaducts, equipped with devices to raise or lower the platform to the required working height, providing access and working platforms during construction. Suspended scaffolding is also used to inspect, modify and maintain high-rise buildings, factories or other large structures.

2. Mobile scaffolding: Portable casters, tracks, or wheels support scaffolding with or without power. Mobile scaffolding is usually supported on all sides to prevent deformation of the installation. Mobile scaffolding can be created on a variety of components or systems.


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