Aluminum alloy scaffolding construction and use requirements

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2022-11-03 18:01

The mobile aluminum alloy scaffold operation platform is composed of each component, which needs to be constructed and dismantled on site. It has the characteristics of lightness, safety, no rust and long service life.

Aluminum alloy scaffolding process:

Install aluminum alloy scaffolding frame cross bar diagonal installation fixed frame Install external support when the platform reaches a height Install the top handrail of the foot pedal layer by layer in the preceding steps.

(1) Bracket installation: Remove two brackets, one holding four inclined supports and four adjustable wheels, install the adjustable wheels on the bracket first, and then fill two supports horizontally to form the bracket initially, and then use the inclined support to fix. After the bracket section is installed, you can use a level and other equipment to check that the lathe is in the vertical horizontal plane. If you need to adjust, you can use the nut rotation of the adjustable wheel to adjust the lathe to make it completely vertical horizontal plane to proceed to the next step. After the above steps are complete, the base part is complete.

(2) Upright: Connect a pair of shelves, a few diagonal bars, horizontal bars and platform. Each floor is arranged with a platform to provide workers with a working surface to build up. Then, install the shelf above the straight through left on the bracket, and then use the bracket for reinforcement. Continue to repeat the above steps.

(3) Transverse multi-group connection: Remove 2 meters of four rods to connect two sets of scaffolding to form a whole and improve the overall stability. With sufficient manpower, it can be carried out at the same time as the stage.

Set requirements for aluminum scaffolding

(1) The wheels of the mobile operating platform and the base platform must be firmly connected.

(2) the horizontal bar and the inclined bar should be firmly matched (pay attention to the word connection mode of the inclined bar). The sole of the foot is flat (after paving the platform, pull the diagonal anti-separation device)

Aluminum alloy scaffolding points for attention

(1) A downward moving wheel must set a lock when entering the frame to limit movement on the plane.

(2) When the lathe is moving, the superior prohibits the workers.

(3) After the upper layer is completely closed, if the construction is affected, part of the position must be opened. The staff should wear safety belts when working in the open parts, and fasten safety belts according to the principle of high hanging and low use.

(4) Absenteeism is never allowed.

Aluminum alloy scaffold use requirements

(1) When high work, defects and hidden dangers are found, they should be solved in time. When personal safety is endangered, the operation must be stopped.

(2) Materials used for high operations shall be piled up smoothly without hindering peers and unloading.

(3) When the operation platform is closed, a 10-meter warning zone should be set up and the arrest site commander should be dispatched. Mechanical drag is strictly prohibited when there are people on the operating platform.

(4) Power distribution lines are prohibited from moving the scaffold operation platform or pulling along the platform.

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