Precautions should be taken for insulating scaffolding

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2022-11-03 18:01

Insulation scaffolding is the construction site of external walls, interior decoration or high-rise can not be directly constructed. Mainly for construction personnel up and down work or peripheral safety net bag and high-altitude installation components.

Before using insulating scaffolding, be careful when installing and using it for safer implementation. Thoroughly inspect the scaffolding that has been erected before use and follow all assembly instructions to ensure that the scaffolding components are not damaged. The scaffold is flat and can only be climbed when all casters and regulating legs are fixed. Do not move or adjust this scaffold when there are people or objects on the platform. The platform can be accessed by the internal ladder of the scaffolding, by climbing up the stairs where the ladder was made, by the frame's walkway, or by the platform's entrance to the workbench. When adding vertical extension pipe fittings to the bottom section, it must be secured to the scaffold using an external brace or extension tool. Safety guardrails must be used when the height of the platform exceeds 1.20 meters. Install and lock tendons on scaffolding according to instructions for use to improve sturdiness. When building, the wheel foot brake must be stopped and the level must be controlled.

Installation precautions: The card port at the connection must be firmly connected. Climbing ladders, boards, and open boards were well hooked and could be heard rattling. External braces should be used when the platform of a single width scaffold exceeds 4m and when the height of the platform of a double width scaffold exceeds 6rn. The vertical rod connecting the external support must be tightened, not loosened, and the bottom must not hang in the air. The bottom must be consistent with the ground. One transverse support bar is required for every two diagonal support bars. The nut connecting the buckle must be tightened and the rod and reinforcing material must be firmly clamped together. If the height of the platform is l5m, stiffeners must be used. The scaffold is strictly prohibited to be used in strong winds and overloading is strictly prohibited. All operators should wear helmets and safety belts when making demolition and scaffolding!

Insulating scaffolding is an insulating platform used for high-altitude work. It is composed of supports, bars, slashes and other fragmentary parts for high-altitude construction work. In electrical work, with security, high voltage power, wire construction and other places widely used insulation scaffolding work.

What's the difference between an insulated scaffold and an insulated bucket arm?

The advantages of the insulated rock casting truck operation method are convenient operation and large operation area, so the traffic is convenient, the ground is flat, and the construction work needs to be carried out in the place where the vehicle is easy to reach. Insulation scaffolding requires a small area, easy to disassemble, so no other installation tools are needed, uneven floor can also be adjusted with adjustable casters, to ensure the safety of work, hillside, fields, elevators, narrow alleys and other work sites can be used. The whole tower can be divided into horizontal bars, diagonal lines and pedals for easy transportation and storage. Therefore, the application range of scaffolding is wider and the safety factor is greater in the insulated high-altitude construction equipment.

What are the precautions of using insulating scaffolding?

1. It can't be built on rainy days.

2, there is 1 meter of scaffolding exposed wires.

3. To build a height of more than 4 meters, a bracket must be installed.

4, the tower pedal, the other side can not have too much material, the weight can not exceed the load.

5. Do not work on site when the footstool is wet.

6. Timely maintenance and cleaning of scaffolding.

7. When working in high places, be sure to wear a safety helmet and fasten a safety belt.


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