Precautions for scaffolding work

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2022-11-03 17:15

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General safety and technical knowledge of scaffolding work

1. Each scaffold project shall have an approved construction plan. In strict accordance with the scheme of installation and demolition, before the operation must organize all operators familiar with the construction and operation requirements, safety technology disclosure. The team leader shall lead the operation personnel to inspect the construction environment and the required tools and safety protection facilities, and the operation can be carried out only after the hidden dangers are eliminated.

2, scaffolding should be built in combination with the progress of the project, the structure of the construction of the scaffold should always be higher than the work surface one step frame, but not a time to build the past when high. For unfinished scaffolds, operators shall not leave unfixed components when they leave their posts (rest or work), and ensure the stability of the scaffolds.

Scaffolding can be used only after receiving signature. Acceptance shall be carried out in sections when sections are set up. Check regularly during use, use after a long time, typhoon or rainstorm

Check and reinforce.

3, the floor scaffold foundation must be solid, if the backfill soil, must be smooth and tamped. Drainage measures should be taken to prevent foundation subsidence from causing shelf settlement, deformation and collapse. When the foundation cannot meet the requirements, technical measures such as lifting, hanging and supporting can be taken to discharge the load to the building in sections.

4. When the design height is small (below 15m), throw support can be used; When the design height is large, the use of both tensile and compressive wall points (according to the specification with flexible or rigid wall points).

5, the construction layer of the foot hand board to be fully covered, firm, from the wall gap is not more than 15cm, and there shall be no probe board; A 1.2m high protection railing and an 18cm foot stopper are arranged around the outer side of the shelf, and a safety net is installed under the working layer; The inner side of the vertical bar outside the frame is set up with a mesh safety net.

6, the entrance and exit of the scaffold shall be set up standard access door protection shed; The outer side of the street or high-rise building scaffolding should be equipped with a double-layer safety protection shed.

7. In the use of the shelf, the uniform load on the shelf should not exceed the specification. Don't concentrate personnel and materials too much.

8. Outside the scope of lightning protection, lightning protection devices should be installed according to regulations.

9, scaffolding removal, should set up a warning area and eye-catching signs, there is a special person responsible for warning; The materials and sundries on the frame should be eliminated and cleaned; If there are loose or dangerous parts of the frame body, it should be strengthened first, and then removed.

10, the demolition sequence should follow the principle of "top-down, after the installation of components first disassembly, first installed after disassembly, step by step", in turn. Do not dismantle the operation up and down at the same time, it is strictly prohibited to use the step type, section, separate surface demolition method.

11, the removed rod, foot plate, safety net and other transport equipment to the ground, it is forbidden to throw down from a height.

Precautions for scaffolding work

Precautions for scaffolding work

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