Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffolding advantages

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2022-11-03 17:16

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, new technologies, new processes and new materials are making continuous progress. In this case, with the continuous emergence of new high strength materials, high strength aluminum alloy materials are more and more widely used. Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold is an example of successful application, here is to introduce the advantages of aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold.

The main advantages of aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold are:

1. High material strength, large payload, safe and reliable use.

2. Light weight, the weight is equivalent to one third of the traditional steel support.

3. The construction is easy and fast, and the construction speed is more than 10 times faster than the ordinary steel scaffolding. It takes about six hours for a 20-meter-high steel scaffold to be built by 10 people, but it takes only one hour for three people and no auxiliary tools to install an aluminum scaffold.

4. Easy to move and can be moved to any work place at any time.

5. Can be used for indoor and outdoor, can make any working terrain, ground, small footprint, do not damage the ground, no noise.

Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffolding advantages

Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffolding into the initial stage of our main applications in electric power, petrochemical, aerospace companies. These enterprises are more standardized in the use and management of equipment, and the operators are stable. They can correctly construct and use the equipment according to the safe use specifications provided by the supplier, so the use effect is good.

As the good performance of aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold is gradually known, it is gradually widely used in many domestic enterprises and institutions, hotel equipment maintenance, cleaning and cleaning fields. However, the supplier's insufficient training of users, fast user flow and other factors will inevitably lead to some security risks.

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