What is the status of aluminum scaffold market

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2022-11-03 17:18

Since the 1970s, aluminum alloy scaffolding has gradually developed to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries. At present, it is also the mainstream mobile fast loading scaffolding construction products in China.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, some domestic enterprises have imported products from abroad and sold them in the country. These products are generally mainly used by foreign factories, foreign brand hotels and other multinational enterprises. Therefore, some internationally renowned five-star hotels and multinational enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen basically have this aluminum alloy scaffolding product.

At the same time, some domestic aluminum alloy products factories are also carrying out imitation production in stages, and dozens of companies that can produce aluminum alloy scaffolding have gradually emerged. However, due to the small market demand, the product price is relatively expensive, so these companies did not promote. Also, because many products are of uneven quality, many that can be simplified are simplified, which means that there are significant safety risks.

What is the status of aluminum scaffold market


Since 2015, with the gradual improvement of the domestic production safety management status, labor costs increased dramatically, at present more and more construction enterprises begin to gradually using aluminum alloy scaffolding for some key projects, although the price is relatively expensive, but the product is safer, flexible movement, high efficiency, so more and more popular.

Now scaffolding is in the early stages of development, but there is a lot of room for development. Many aluminum scaffold companies, which had never set foot in the industry before, began to churn out the product, causing product confusion and seriously disrupting consumer choice in just one or two years. But at present there is no standard specification of aluminum alloy scaffolding, so product quality management and safety management can only be chosen by consumers, but consumers in the choice, must pay more attention to, more comparison, choose regular manufacturers, quality guaranteed products.

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