Five advantages of aluminum scaffolding

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2022-11-03 17:20

People who work in construction should be familiar with scaffolding. Scaffolding provides builders with temporary platforms on which to work and is most commonly used for building repairs or cleaning structures, lighting maintenance, and other difficult-to-access machinery.

Scaffolding is usually made of steel or aluminum, but for those working in the construction industry, there are many advantages to using aluminum scaffolding. Although aluminum scaffolding is more expensive than steel scaffolding. Compared with steel scaffold, aluminum scaffold has the following five advantages.

1. The weight of aluminum alloy scaffolding is light

Aluminum scaffolding is much lighter in weight. In fact, the aluminum scaffolding weighs less than half as much as the steel scaffolding. Due to its light weight, aluminum scaffolding can not only be easily transported from one location to another, but can also be easily installed and removed when applied in the field.

2, reduce the installation of aluminum alloy scaffolding required labor

The use of aluminum scaffolding usually requires less labor. Not only would less manpower be required, but cranes might not be needed either. When working with aluminum scaffolding, it will minimize the risk of injury and accidents during the work. Aluminum scaffolding is used instead of steel scaffolding. Only two people can build and remove steel scaffolding.

3, aluminum scaffolding can be installed quickly

In general, aluminum scaffolding is easier to install and rises faster than steel scaffolding. Aluminum scaffold with high strength casters, quick and easy installation. Aluminum scaffolding is easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing construction workers to move from one workplace to another with minimal downtime.


4, aluminum scaffolding has a variety of uses

A. Narrow span and wide span brackets, rolling tower machines that can be installed without tools.

B. Stairs Climb platforms safely using tools and machinery when needed.

C. Collapsible scaffolding, unfolded and locked in place to provide immediate base.

In addition to this type of scaffolding, custom scaffolding can also be made of aluminum.

5, the service life of aluminum alloy scaffolding is longer

When the aluminum scaffold is scratched, the aluminum scaffold forms an oxide layer that helps protect the inner core. This layer of natural alumina prevents the metal beneath it from being exposed to the air. When you scratch steel scaffolding, it rusts and eventually weakens the structure. Aluminum scaffold is reused many times and will not crack or rust after exposure to various elements.

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