What are the characteristics of aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold compared with steel pipe scaffold?

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2022-11-03 17:08

What are the characteristics of aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold compared with steel pipe scaffold?


Along with the development of the economy, the original scaffold was slowly change, in the first scaffold is made of wood, it must also is a lot of people have seen, after all, for this kind of traditional scaffolding safety distance is ourselves nor after a few years, and then steel pipe scaffolding scaffolding, instead of wood has been in today's fast loading scaffolding is a substitute for the steel pipe scaffold, So what are the different characteristics of their aluminum scaffolding? In the following will be for you to expand the analysis and introduction:

Aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold features:

1. All the problematic scaffold components are controlled by computer and assembled by themselves, which can completely prevent weld seams. The appearance of luxury and quality of life are noble, easy to load and unload, and prolong the service life of scaffold.
2. Lightweight walkway decks are also suitable for scaffolding decks, providing 9/1m aluminium alloy work decks with a carrying capacity of 720KG per deck, allowing multiple people to work simultaneously.
3. The unique upright non-slip surface of the quick-loading scaffold makes it safe to climb along the horizontal bar even in the rain, enhancing the safety of operation.
4. Nitinol material, light weight, high strength, cold expansion cold integrity patent. The strength of the welded frame exceeds three static tests and the dynamic test can withstand 250000 tests.
5. Self-locking hook need not be adjusted in advance, self-locking by spring, triangular head design, prevent falling from high altitude to break the lock, can bear heavy weight, greatly improve the stability of scaffolding. Different product color code identification method of different functional components, save working time, and the self-locking hook makes the installation of a more convenient, faster, more simple.
6. Quick installation scaffold working platform is the platform for opening activities of the lock hook plate, which makes the installation convenient and quick. The high-quality plywood platform is anti-sliding plate sun rain, light weight, and the gate is opened to other platforms, which facilitates the working level of the staff.

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