What are the characteristics of fiberglass scaffolding?

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2022-11-03 16:58

What are the characteristics of fiberglass scaffolding?

First, the production process ensures stability and durability

Most scaffolds are welded. During welding, internal stress will be generated, which will easily damage the internal molecular structure of aluminum and reduce the original strength and durability of the material. This requires that the welding process must have strict production quality. Control, otherwise it is easy to form virtual welding, resulting in great internal stress, resulting in rapid damage after the product is built to a certain height of shaking. Therefore, ordinary aluminum alloy products, such as aluminum alloy doors and Windows, ladders, etc. It's all welded and riveted.

Fiberglass scaffolding: Details to ensure safety

Work on the details. According to industry experts, the reason why aluminum scaffolding can better ensure the safety of work is because of the diagonal support, universal casters, special guardrail and other small parts, which are important factors to ensure safety.

Fiberglass scaffolding: Safe construction and use

How to use fiberglass Scaffolding safely?

1. Safety inspection; Before assembling and using aluminum scaffolding, all components and piping must be inspected to ensure that the components are in good condition and that the fittings are free of cracks, squeezes and collisions.

2. During the construction process, please ensure that the construction of aluminum scaffolding and movable ground can provide enough stable and firm support.

3. When working in an environment with external support, consult the supplier or manufacturer and work under the guidance of the supplier.

4. When moving aluminum scaffolding, pay attention to nearby electrical appliances, such as wires in the air.

5. When moving aluminum scaffolding, all persons must leave the scaffolding and clear all debris under the shelves.

In fact, for the scaffolding industry, it is a joint effort to avoid safety accidents. For example, aluminum scaffolding enterprises need to produce safe and high-quality products; For buyers, when buying cost-effective products, we should pay more attention to the purchase of safe and high-quality aluminum scaffolding; As the actual use of aluminum scaffolding operators, standardized use is the direct guarantee of their own safety.

What are the precautions for using fiberglass scaffolding?

1. Check carefully before erection and do not use faulty scaffolding.

2. When using scaffolding, the foundation must be flat and can withstand the pressure of scaffolding. When the foundation is not flat, the casters of fiberglass scaffolding should be adjusted so that the whole tower is in a level state.

3. The glass fiber scaffold is light in weight and should be used in medium conditions of high wind, gusty wind or breeze.

4. Staff must wear safety belts when setting up and working at height. Install a safety net around the work area to prevent heavy objects from falling and injuring others.

5. If the tower is too high for independent use, diagonal braces or attached frames should be installed according to regulations.

6. Pay attention to safety when using. It is strictly forbidden to play on the tower in case of accidents.

7. After using removed fiberglass scaffolding, it should be thoroughly inspected before removal. Disassembly shall be carried out from top to bottom.

8. After disassembly, sort out the parts and accessories and store them for future use.


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