The use of scaffolding points, insulation scaffolding manufacturers tell you

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 17:53

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers believe that the scaffolding site must be smooth, solid, no settlement and water. Usually the scaffolding around the pier is erected on the top of the cap, when the cap size can not meet the requirements of the construction, the foundation should be strengthened under the opposite rod, bearing capacity is not less than 150kpa, to prevent uneven settlement. A stud plate 20 cm wide and not less than 2 spans in length shall also be placed at the bottom of the stud.

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers think that the use of scaffolding points for attention:

(1) The insulation scaffold manufacturer thinks that the outer frame is only used for external maintenance and decoration. The design and decoration load shall not exceed 2 kN/ m2 and shall not be overloaded. Should not be used by more than two working layers at the same time. Formwork support, concrete pump pipe, etc. Shall not be fixed to scaffolding. Do not hang lifting equipment.

(2) The scaffold operation should be stopped in windy, foggy, rain and snow days of level 6 and above. Anti-skid measures should be taken when shelving operations after rain and snow. Snow should be swept away and ice removed from shelves and pipes.

(3) The operating height of the operator on the shelf should be at the level of normal operation. It is strictly prohibited to increase the operating height of the cushion on the shelf.

(4) The insulation scaffold manufacturer believes that it is strictly prohibited to remove the foundation skeleton rod, the whole rod, the connecting fasteners and even the wall pieces of the scaffold during the operation. If it is necessary to dismantle due to operation requirements, it must be approved by the foreman of the main engine, take corresponding remedial measures, and restore in time after the completion of the operation.

(5) When working on the shelf, the staff should pay attention to their own safety and the safety of others to avoid collision, mishap and falling objects. It is strictly prohibited to play on the shelves or sit on the railings and rest in unsafe places.

(6) The personnel must walk out of the scaffold under safety protection. It is strictly prohibited to climb the scaffold.

(7) The insulation scaffold manufacturer thinks that shift workers should first check whether there are any problems affecting the safety operation when they put on the shelf, and then start the operation after solving the problems. When unsafe conditions and signs are found in the operation, the operation should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the normal operation can only be resumed after the problem is solved. When abnormal dangerous situation is found, all personnel on the shelf should be informed to evacuate immediately.

(8) Special personnel will inspect the situation outside the frame every day and rectify the problems in time.

(9) After each shelf operation is completed, the remaining items on the shelf must be transferred to the upper (lower) shelf or indoor; Before leaving work, each shift should clean the shelf surface, pile the materials and articles on the shelf neatly, and remove the garbage. During the operation, materials and items falling into the safety net should be cleaned up in time. Under no circumstances, it is strictly prohibited to throw materials and articles off the shelves and dump garbage.

(10) The insulation scaffold manufacturer thinks that in the corner of the outer frame, because the end of the cantilever steel beam is compact, it is impossible to set the steel cantilever beam in the corner, but it is necessary to bury the cable in the corner of a layer of structural members of the cantilever frame for replacement, and pull back the outrigger corner node of the cantilever frame with the wire rope.

(11) Set large supports along the width and height of the outer frame.


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