The function and characteristics of scaffolding, insulation scaffolding manufacturers for you to explain

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2022-11-03 17:54

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers believe that scaffolding refers to the construction site for workers to operate and solve the vertical and horizontal transport and erect a variety of supports. A term commonly used in architecture to refer to a construction site used for exterior walls, upholstery, or high floors where direct construction is not possible. It is mainly used for construction personnel to work up and down, maintain the surrounding safety net, high-altitude installation components, etc. To put it bluntly, scaffolding is made of bamboo, wood, steel pipe or synthetic materials. Scaffolding is also used as a template in some projects, and is also widely used in advertising, municipal, transportation, road and bridge, mining and other departments. Insulation scaffolding manufacturers believe that the main functions of scaffolding:

1. Make the construction personnel work in different parts. 2. Can stack and transport a certain amount of building materials. 3. Ensure the safety of construction personnel when working at high places. 4. Ensure that the construction personnel must stand at a high altitude. 5. Provide external protection frame for high-altitude construction personnel. 6. Provide a platform for high-altitude construction personnel to unload.

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers think that the scaffolding built covers a large area, so it is usually sold in the form of unpacking and packaging accessories. The absence of any kind of fitting in a set of scaffolding will make it impossible to build properly. For example, a lack of butt connections between the two columns would make the main body of the scaffold impossible to build. Therefore, when purchasing, we should pay attention to whether the accessories in a set are complete, which can be checked according to the given list of accessories.

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers believe that scaffolding is used to lift a certain weight of objects or people to a specified height. During this process, it is necessary to consider whether the scaffold can bear the load. Generally speaking, from a mechanical point of view, the overall design of a scaffold and the connectivity of various points can reflect whether it has a good bearing capacity. Therefore, when choosing the scaffold, we should consider whether the overall design is reasonable and choose the scaffold with sufficient bearing capacity.

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers believe that scaffolding is usually made of steel pipe, the new scaffolding overall glaze color is the same, and the flatness and smoothness are good. The naked eye can not see cracks, delamination, dislocation, from top to bottom with the hand can not feel burr, indentation, this scaffold is worth choosing. If you choose second-hand scaffolding, you need to observe whether the corrosion and bending of the surface of the old steel pipe is still within the usable range. If the scaffold surface material is qualified, the appearance is not obvious defects, or does not affect the use of defects, may be considered.

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers think that according to the use, there are operation scaffolding, protective scaffolding and load-bearing scaffolding. If you stand directly on the concrete floor, you should lay 50,100 long square logs under the vertical pole, first leveling and ramming the foundation soil, and then laying 5cm thick long boards. Vertical bar spacing should not be more than 1.5m, according to the length of the specific parts of uniform arrangement.


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