A brief overview of insulating scaffolding

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 16:27

Overview of raw materials for insulating foot and hand products: Raw materials are rectangular hollow structure profiles made of glass fiber, glass protective pad, alkali free fiber, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, unsaturated resin and more than 30 kinds of chemical materials by high temperature polymerization and pull-extrusion. The profile conforms to the principle of mechanical structure, strong bending resistance, not easy to distort deformation.


A brief overview of insulating scaffolding

Ladder support for anti-slip planning, ladder coconut palm, ladder support for the half penetration connection, and the selection of all round solid rod through the body to wear even reinforcement, uniform and reasonable force, all the connection is stable. Trapezoid according to the principle of mechanical moment of inertia, the selection of the trapezoid structure, beautiful and generous, stable by use.

Product features: Choose high strength PE rope wear resistance, anti aging. The whole structure selects the block type combination planning, the construction disassembly is simple and convenient. Combination of diversity, can adapt to any place environment, can be customized according to customer requirements. Component specification, do not need to use any tools, free hand can be disassembled, simple and convenient.

The raw material is lightweight high strength glass fiber tube, free of protection for 15 years. Special reinforced nylon connector, anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging. With door channel pedal, convenient for personnel up and down, the surface after anti-slip treatment. The horizontal support bar connection is black, and the oblique support bar connection is yellow. In addition, it is equipped with Chinese logo, which is easy to recognize.

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