Buckle the use of scaffolding points, insulation scaffolding manufacturers for you to explain

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 17:55

Insulating scaffold manufacturers think that coil buckle scaffold service life is long, the use of uniform hot dip galvanized surface treatment, without spray painting, spraying surface treatment. This kind of surface treatment method does not fall off, does not rust, not only reduces the per capita maintenance cost, keeps the appearance unchanged, but also enhances the project image with beautiful colors. The galvanized surface treatment method can extend the service life of steel pipe to 15-20 years.

Insulation scaffold manufacturers think that the service life of coil buckle scaffold: because the pole surface is hot-dip galvanized, so the durability is longer, the service life can reach more than 15 years. It only needs to be maintained every 3-5 years. Normal steel scaffolding usually has a service life of only 5-8 years and requires maintenance once or twice a year. Obviously, the maintenance cost of traditional scaffolds is much higher than that of coil scaffolds. Socket scaffolds should also be maintained.

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers believe that coil buckle scaffolding as an indispensable temporary facilities in construction, its importance is self-evident. Every living thing, every object has a life span, the same is true of the coil scaffold. Generally speaking, the service life of buckle scaffolding is 10 to 20 years, but if not properly maintained and stored, it will cause deformation and damage, greatly reducing the service life of buckle scaffolding.

To shorten the service life of disc buckle scaffold is actually to increase the cost of use. In order to increase the service life of disc buckle scaffold and save costs, special attention should be paid to the following three aspects:

Insulation scaffolding manufacturers believe that in the construction site, to strictly implement the overall planning and construction, to prevent unnecessary losses. Some parts of disc buckle scaffold are very easy to damage, need to have the necessary work experience of professional and technical personnel to carry out engineering construction, can reasonably reduce the damage, jointly ensure work safety.

Although the surface of the coil buckle steel pipe scaffold has a hot dip galvanized layer, which improves the anti-corrosion ability, it should be moisture-proof and waterproof when placed to prevent zinc rust. In addition, the discharge should be orderly, convenient and standardized, and it is not easy to lead to the disorder or loss of spare parts. As far as possible, full-time personnel shall undertake the procurement and storage of buckle scaffolding, and record the application status anytime and anywhere.

The insulation scaffold manufacturer thinks that it is necessary to check whether the coil buckle scaffold has zinc drop phenomenon on time, generally more than 2 years. In areas with relatively high humidity, it is required to do more than once a year to ensure that the coiled steel pipe scaffolding will not rot.

The insulation scaffold manufacturer believes that the scaffold self-inspection is organized by the project manager, and the responsible person of project construction, technology, safety, scaffolding erection and other relevant personnel participate. The scaffold shall be self-checked and accepted according to the technical specification, construction scheme, technical disclosure and other relevant technical documents. After confirming that it meets the requirements, it shall be reported to the on-site supervision project Department for reinspection and acceptance. The supervision shall focus on checking whether the setting and connection of reinforcing bars, wall fittings, safety passages and other structures meet the requirements. The foundation has no water, the bottom plate is not loose, the vertical rod is not suspended; Whether the fastener is loose; Whether the safety facilities meet the requirements; Whether the door frame of the same scaffold is matched with accessories; Whether the technical requirements of scaffolding erection are within the permissible deviation range; Scaffolding should be maintained at least once a month. In case of bad weather, the scaffolding shall be fully maintained and can only be used after acceptance.


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