Insulation scaffolding technical parameters and use precautions

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 18:02

The insulated scaffolding can be assembled into a single structure using separate parts and fitted to a work platform of all heights, with casters on each of the four legs. Four adjustable disk leg add-on options, with prefabricated T-shaped connections between the bracket and the bar. Points to note when using insulated scaffolding:

1. Meteorological conditions

Work should be stopped in bad weather, such as rainy days, snow fog, or winds above level 4 (7.9 m/s). If it does work (no electricity is allowed), the scaffold must have reinforcement and counterweights.

2. Environmental conditions

Use it on flat, firm ground.

3. The assembly

Before use, it is necessary to confirm whether it is damaged due to improper use and whether there are cracks in the welding parts.

When installing scaffolding, the distance from 10kV electrical equipment must be at least 0.7 meters.

The scaffold work platform is kept level. Use a level when installing the scaffold and the scaffold post must be perpendicular to the ground. Spring latches on all components must be fully locked, strong and reliable.

Casters must be dead before external support feet can be used.

The top working platform should be installed with guardrail.

4. Work process

The service load of the insulating scaffold shall not exceed the rating.

When working at altitude on insulated scaffolding, all casters and mechanical devices must be locked. Do not move the scaffolding.

The staff should work in the scaffolding, not in the four sides of the shelf, under the work. When working, others are not allowed to move in the scaffolding.

Operators should wear seat belts and non-slip shoes.

Scaffolding (not platform) cannot hold tools and materials to prevent falling from high altitude.

5. Maintain

When storing scaffolding, do not touch corrosive chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and strong alkali.

Clean scaffolding components, especially the spring latch connection parts can not stick mud and sand and other debris.

The construction of the 1~3 layers of scaffolding is completed by professional lathe workers, and those near the top of the electrical wires are constructed by electrical class personnel.

Note: Before operation, ensure that the load side line of the stretch lead is in the no-load state. In order to maintain a safe distance from the electrical equipment and the effective insulation length of the insulated operating tools, the operator is on the level 2 platform.

Note: Before operation, ensure that the load side line of the stretch lead is in the no-load state.

In the afternoon, the lapping lead adopts the operation method of insulation gloves. The safety protection in the operation should refer to the operation mode of the broken head of the insulating mother car. Compared with the two-person operation, the personal insulation protection mechanism should be appropriately reduced to reduce the physical consumption of the operators.

Insulate merchant ships and stamp clamps on both sides. When hiding, the workers take the way of standing, squatting and sitting to ensure the distance from the central phase wire. If the lead is overlapped badly, the shielding must be strict and reliable because the operator is between the two phases of the wire. After covering the middle and upper leads, to avoid losing control during overlapping leads, hang the lead line with an insulating noose.

By lapping the critical lead, the operator moves down one layer (50 cm) and then moves to the outside of the inner edge phase lead, overlapping the inner edge phase lead. Then remove the inner edge stage of the insulation shielding measures.

The operator moves between the external phase and the central wire to remove the insulation shielding of the upper and middle leads.

The staff shifts to the outside of the outside phase wire, overlapping the outside phase lead. Then remove the external stage insulation shielding measures.

The worker goes down 2 floors (100 cm) to remove the insulating scaffolding close to the electrically charged conductor and the pole mask (the joystick mask can be removed using the joystick and then removed).

Professional lathe operators remove the rest of the footstool.


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