Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer: aluminum alloy aircraft maintenance frame, is Yida brand professional!

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2022-11-03 17:12

Guangzhou Yida Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the industrial village of Tanbu Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, China (Xinghua Road No. 2), the company set R & D, production, sales, leasing one-stop service, the main "LEADER Yida" brand, welcome new and old customers to come to consult. The company specializes in the production of: horizontal formwork system, aluminum alloy pillar, aluminum alloy scaffolding, single mast hydraulic lift, double mast hydraulic lift, insulating work scaffolding.

Aircraft maintenance scaffold

Aluminum alloy aircraft maintenance scaffolding overview

The use of aluminum alloy quick loading scaffolding to maintain the dock has become a recognized maintenance method in the world of aviation maintenance. This maintenance system is a one-time investment, can be used repeatedly for a long time, fast installation and put into use, can be a lot of users to save valuable time.

Yida aluminum alloy scaffolding system is a collection of scaffolding all outstanding functions of the patent invention. Its multi-directional structure design is suitable for any complex geometric figure engineering, so as to solve the difficulties faced by the architectural design.

The system subtracts all screw connectors. Easy to build, safe and fast disassembly can get twice the result with half the effort, the parts are not easy to lose.

The super bearing capacity of the system is stable and reliable, multi-purpose and safe and economic. In addition, the system design is a patented product of Yida aluminum alloy pillar and horizontal template system used. The system can also be infinitely extended, convenient to become a multi-functional working platform, building tower, no platform and cantilever tower...... .

Aluminum alloy aircraft maintenance machine excellent features

- Multi-layer platform: allows maintenance personnel to perform maintenance on different parts of the aircraft at all levels

- Mobility: For aircraft maintenance requirements for aluminum alloy scaffolding, quickly move the maintenance scaffolding to the maintenance site

- Strong interchangeability: most parts have interchangeability and versatility, which can be adapted to the maintenance of various types and parts

- Corrosion resistance: Aluminum alloy scaffolding has strong corrosion resistance and does not rust

- Easy storage: The system is detachable, convenient to store after disassembly and does not occupy space

- Lightweight parts with high efficiency: All parts of this scaffold are composed of lightweight aluminum alloy support rods. There is no need to use screws, etc., and the construction is five times faster than the traditional scaffolding system.

- Multi-functional application: according to the requirements of various engineering projects, the system can be set for different shapes, different sizes, such as suspended scaffolding, cantilever tower, bridge frame, arc frame and no bench... .

- Super bearing capacity: the load is directly transferred to the buckle and not directly acting on the pole, that is, the same plane of the frame. High quality connector, so that the characteristics are not easy to bend, shear and torsion counterbalance, bearing capacity is especially strong.

- Non-welded fittings: Non-welded fittings are composed of tough, lightweight and high quality aluminum pipes and hard cast steel connectors.

- Easy to handle: an effective labeling system is designed to facilitate quick installation and collection.

- Easy transportation and collection: the longest accessory is about 3 meters. Apart from the platform plate, the heaviest structural parts are 2 to 5 kg. Easy transportation. Labor costs are very low.

- Easy to build, safe and fast erection and disassembly can get twice the result with half the effort, parts are not easy to lose.

- The system's super bearing capacity scaffolding system integrates all the characteristics and advantages, and is the best replacement for the traditional scaffolding system (such as steel, bamboo and other structural scaffolds).


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