Summarize the performance characteristics of aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold

Time of Release:

2022-11-03 16:25

The characteristics of aluminum alloy fast loading scaffolding: all stent components are assembled from computer control completely eradicate weld, luxury appearance quality dignitaries, easy loading and unloading, the scaffolding to extend the using life, 10 years structural strength to ensure that the portable aisle deck also applies to the scaffold deck, can provide aluminum alloy homework deck 9, 1 m in length. Its load weight is 720KG per seat, allowing multiple people to operate at multiple heights at the same time.


Summarize the performance characteristics of aluminum alloy quick loading scaffold

Unique crossbar anti-slip surface, even on rainy days in the outdoors along the crossbar climbing is also very safe, enhance the safety of the operation. Nickel-titanium aluminum alloy material, more portable, high strength, cold expansion cold pressing is the exclusive patent. The strength under static experiment is more than three times that of welding frame, and it can accept 250,000 experiments under dynamic experiment.

The self-locking hook does not need to be adjusted in advance, relying on the spring self-locking, triangular head planning, prevent falling from high altitude to break the lock, can accept the weight, greatly add the stability of scaffolding. Different color codes identify different components, saving time, and self-locking hooks make the device faster and simpler. The working channel is a movable opening channel board with lock hook, which makes the device convenient and fast. The high-quality plywood channel board is non-slip, sunscreen and rain proof, light weight, and the valve opening channel is convenient for the operator to go to other working levels.

Aluminum alloy scaffold used universal casters adjustable foot conditioning range of 0.4m to 0.8m, convenient in uneven environment conditioning level, adjustable foot common planning, convenience and fast, universal casters, mobile steering flexible, polyurethane traceless casters will not damage the ground, with lock casters add scaffolding stability. Movable casters are oil-proof and corrosion-proof, which will not spoil the marble floor in the lobby.

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