Introduce the use of insulating scaffolding

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2022-11-03 16:15

Nowadays, most of the insulating scaffolding is for protection and safety services. In the process of scaffolding construction, we dare not construct or give suggestions because of the weak understanding of safety warning. Therefore, we require the construction and safety protection of scaffolding, as well as the progress of such safety warning understanding. So what should we pay attention to when using insulating scaffolding?


Introduce the use of insulating scaffolding

Insulation scaffolding pay attention to key - insulation scaffolding source manufacturers before use, thoroughly check the established scaffolding, ensure to follow all the device instructions, to ensure that there is no damage to the parts of the scaffold. When the scaffold has been leveled and all casters and adjusting legs have been fixed, the scaffold can be climbed. Do not move or adjust this scaffolding when there are people and objects in the channel.

The channel can be accessed by climbing a ladder from the inside of the scaffold, or from the steps on which the ladder is built, or through the aisles of the structure. If a straight extension is added to the base section, it is necessary to secure the scaffold with an external support or widening tool. When the channel height exceeds 1.20m, it is necessary to use safety barriers.

Install and determine tensile bars on the scaffold according to the operating instructions to enhance its stability. When building, the brake of the wheel foot must be stopped, and the level must be adjusted well. Climbing ladder, channel board, opening board must be hooked, hear the click. When the channel plate of single-width scaffold exceeds 4m and the channel plate height of double-width scaffold exceeds 6rn, it is necessary to use an external support plate.

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